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Marketing Style Design

Shopping for the right marketing company is a big problem, from price ambiguity to getting you results. Everyone has their own grandiose promise they want to pitch you on but few actually make the effort to create a personal connection and fewer still will have the talent and skill you require to leverage you and your company to the next level.

We created Rocket Now to position ourselves as the Desmond Llewelyn’s to the the Sean Connery’s. The Q’s to the James Bond’s. (Q is the genius inventor behind James Bond’s gadgets that enable 007 to save the world)


And whether we set you up to connect that extra 10 yards on the golf course, or our job is to keep everyone else distracted out in the water while you catch the next perfect wave. Rocket Now is all about designing your Marketing Style, which will open a path to your targets that you will want to experience, especially in the new omniscient electronic world.

It’s not just about getting there, it’s also about how you get there that will matter in the end.

To your customers, your style matters, they know your voice, and this builds trust and respect for your company. If you own your category or are starting a new one, Marketing Style design will be your new super power.

When you market your reputation is on the line, and your Marketing Style either hits its target like Mike Tyson on a speed bag, and your sales go through the roof, or it falls on death ears.. and you’re out dollars, and worse.. time..

Finding the right marketing company that truly cares about your journey as much as the destination is what Marketing Style design is all about.

You may have heard about the billions made from early Category Design, Experience Design, or many others, but let me introduce you to this new concept. Your Marketing Style.

Marketing Style design is a one of a kind concept we came up with to describe the success we were witnessing from clients at the top of their categories. In fact we think it’s so powerful that it is now our primary service, and we personally implement it. We only offer Marketing Style design to clients that we think we can align with, because ultimately it’s your story and we want to help you continue to delight your customers, and ultimately, get you more of them.

If you think we might be a good fit, or want our help developing your personal Marketing Style, book a free Marketing Style design consultation now and we’ll not only give you our best gadgets, but by the end of the call, the sports car will be running, the keys in the ignition, and everything will be ready for your next getaway.

Now go get em.