Music Ordinals (The Master Rebrand of the NFT, Music, and Marketing)

MusicOrdinal: The Art of the Rebrand and the Secret Sauce of Success in the Music NFT Space

The Wild West of music NFTs has seen its share of gold rushes and ghost towns. But what separates the fleeting fads from the enduring empires? Buckle up, music makers and industry leaders, because we’re about to dissect the DNA of success in this red-hot space.

From Hijacking to High Society: Marketing Magic Makes the Difference

Remember the early days of music NFTs? Pure, unadulterated marketing genius ruled the roost. A-list talent coupled with audacious maneuvers – think hijacking, covert ops, and community cultivation – propelled projects to the stratosphere.


Music Licensing Christopher Wallace Estate NFTs

The Notorious BIG: Sky’s the Limit Generative Collection


Spottie NFT Albums

Spottie WiFi is the best (only) CryptoPunk rapper alive. He disrupted the music industry in August 2021 by selling 2000 NFT albums and generating $192K in revenue in under 60 seconds as an independent artist. Since then, the album has gone on to generate over 200 ETH in secondary sales and is one of the most successful and innovative music NFTs in history. Spottie received the 2021 NFT NYC award for Best Use of NFTs in the Music Industry, was named to NFT Now’s NFT 100 list each of the past two years, and his most recent album “The King’s Alpha” released in April 2023 featuring appearances from Snoop Dogg, Jim Jones, Bun B and more.

NFT Sales Volume RUGGED

From April 2021 to April 2024, the total value of sales involving non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the art segment declined significantly. As of April 15, 2021, NFT sales recorded on the Ethereum, Ronin, and Flow blockchains during the previous 30 days generated an aggregated value of around 78 million U.S. dollars. While sales peaked at nearly 881 million U.S. dollars as of September 15, 2021, they have experienced an overall decreasing trend since then. As of April 15, 2024, the aggregated sales value over 30 days amounted to roughly 15.7 million U.S. dollars. 


The Mastermind Whisperers: Unveiling the Secrets of the Top Dogs

Here’s an exclusive exposé: we’ve collaborated with the masterminds behind the four biggest movers in the music NFT space. These marketing wizards understand the power of “no gimmicks, all brilliance.” Their secret weapon? The Dutch Auction. By employing this technique, creators have seen their projects sell for an average of 4x-30x the intended price – now that’s what we call a power move.


The Law of Touchpoints: How to Get Your Audience Hooked

We’ve cracked the code on conversion rates. Here’s the golden nugget: the 5th touchpoint is where the magic happens. Our data shows a staggering 80% conversion rate at this point. The key? Orchestrating a strategic sequence of positive interactions with your target audience. Think Pinterest, Imgur, strategic collaborations, and targeted social media blitzes across private and public profiles.

Law of touchpoints:

  • 1st is 1% conversion rate

  • 2nd is 2% conversion rate

  • 3rd is 3% conversion rate

  • 4th is 4% conversion rate

  • 5th is 80%+ conversion rate

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Airdrop Mania: Supercharge Your Community

Imagine a win-win scenario for your community and your bottom line. Airdrops featuring exclusive content from partner projects can be redeemed for free by your existing base, while also being sold to the public. This creates a loyal army of brand advocates who’ll be shouting your praises from the rooftops (or should we say, social media feeds?).

The Language of Success: Rebranding for Resonance

Sometimes, a simple terminology shift can make all the difference. Move beyond jargon with negative connotations and embrace powerful new terms that convey the same essential value.

Building Bridges, Not Walls: The Power of Community

Here’s a counterintuitive strategy: focus on one platform at a time. Let your audience clamor for your presence on the next one. This curated approach fosters a sense of exclusivity and fuels organic demand. Think private communities that transition to public platforms only when the desire is undeniable.

Play Bigger Digital Strike Workplan
Play Bigger Marketing Digital Strike Plan

The Algorithm Age: Gimmickry Goes Kaput

Fast forward to today, and the game’s changed. Gone are the days of amateur hour tactics and 24-hour influencer blitzes. Deep algorithmic strategies are the new kingpins. Flashy gimmicks might grab attention, but they’re no substitute for the enduring power of mind-blowing marketing, executed with finesse.

Sound Decisions, Real Results: Turning Hype into Revenue

Here’s the truth bomb: incentive-based “sound” doesn’t pay the bills. It’s time to ditch the noise and focus on actions that drive real revenue. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to anything that doesn’t align with your long-term vision.

The Ethereum Exodus: Why Ordinals are Poised for Takeoff

Remember when 96% of music NFT sales happened on Ethereum? Well, things are shifting. Enter Ordinals: the first NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. This novelty factor, coupled with the strategic distancing from the overused “NFT” label, positions Ordinals for a breakout.

But Wait, There’s More! The Power of Royalties and Passion

Let’s not forget the power of ongoing rewards. Music Ordinals ensure creators see royalties on every secondary sale, fostering a sustainable ecosystem. And at the heart of it all? Music that’s undeniably good. Because in any market, music composed with passion and dedication will always win.


Bonus: Unearthing the Gems

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Here’s your intel toolkit:

  • Buzzsumo: Research backlinks and shares to identify micro-influencers with the power to propel your project on mint day.
  • WomProtocol & Bullz: Harness the power of mass influence to generate high-quality content at scale.

The Music Ordinal Revolution: Are You Ready?

Music Ordinals represent a paradigm shift. With a strategic rebrand, a focus on value creation, and the right marketing magic, this innovation is poised to disrupt the music NFT landscape. Are you ready to join the revolution? Whatsapp us anytime 24/7 @ 1-778-760-0329 or email us at [email protected]