About Team Rocket

Rocket Now is a Web 3 marketing agency that specializes in prominent, high-growth clients. We offer the most rigorous marketing strategy and execution for success with relentless dedication to your growth.

We are not just another agency – at Rocket Now we offer the most prestigious elite service available in the industry, and because of this commitment to quality we only work with a handful of companies at a time. Rocket provides a clear and accessible way for businesses to market in the virtual world using the latest in digital asset technology and rocket science marketing.

You want to reach new customers and score more wins for the team back home. Rocket helps you surf right into paradise beach on a wave of innovative immersion and community-centric one-of-a-kind experiences. You care about making sales, driving tangible value, and utilizing the latest technology. You’ve come to the right place. To get started right away, simply contact us, 24/7 either via Email: [email protected] or WhatsApp: +1-778-760-0329
Bear witness to your company’s explosive business growth with Rocket Now, the premier digital marketing agency hailing from picturesque Kelowna, British Columbia. With our unparalleled services, we empower clients around the globe to achieve sensational results. Let the transformative power of Rocket Now catapult your online business to new heights. Our team of highly skilled experts, affectionately known as super nerds, will arm you and your company with the essential tools to meet consumer demand and drive sales. Step into the rocketship of success and embark on a journey to dominate the digital realm.

Our Mission

In the digital world of 2024, the internet has become our single most valuable asset. Exclusively-online companies are taking over almost every industry. Your business is one-of-a-kind, and the Rocket Now team is dedicated to ensuring that your customers recognize what you have to offer, and that those offerings are effectively monetized. We understand the necessity of innovation and quality ideas, and we are devoted because we love what we do. Rocket’s campaign strategies work through simplicity and partnerships.

Our mission is to enhance company growth through online community building to generate your unique universe, but on top of that, we also train you to continue producing your desired results. Regardless of your project’s current stage in the online market, our team is committed to guiding you on your path toward success.

Who We Are

Rocket Now is comprised of a team of super-nerds and digital marketing experts connected by our passion for strategy and hyper scaling and hyper growth. Josh James is the CEO and founder of Rocket Now. Josh has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 12 years, building various prosperous business ventures alongside his team and network. The Rocket partners also include equally talented and creative marketing connoisseurs Tyron de Guise, Dylan Sharhon, Anthony Peppe, and Mirage Leung.

Among the successes of Rocket Now, the team has delved deep into the world of technology. Their love for the tech industry is accompanied by their interests in various ingenious efforts, such as professional video gaming, 3D mapping into game-worlds, and blockchain. Josh and Dylan have even partnered to develop an internationally-taught university degree program for over 200 prestigious Universities worldwide, including their local Okanagan college.

In addition to their intelligent and innovative personalities, the Rocket team supports plenty of supplemental avocations. The crew of six participates in a diversity of outside interests, including skiing, building, golfing, surfing, climbing, and stunt drone flying. The team also shares a strong passion for family.

Josh James

Founder CEO

Tyron De Guise


Dylan Sharhon


Mirage Leung

Director, VP

Anthony Peppe


Asmat Ullah

Co-Founder CSO, Director of Search

Hochang "OJ" Kwon

COO, Director of Blockchain Marketing

Tyler Penning

CWO, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Ricky Ollivierre

Executive Board, Advisor

Harry Leckstein

Executive Board, International

How We Can Help

The Rocket team maintains several areas of expertise. Our primary services advisement, expert coaching, category alignment, network and community building, navigating complex partnerships, affiliates networks and a plethora of others. Rocket offers all of the needed metrics that your brand needs to drive long-term, legitimate ROI and create lifetime highly scaleable backends.

Rocket enables you to achieve results that are unheard of in the normally marketing mix. We help you with the essential side of your business: the side that makes you money and drives value for your customers. Even better, we offer training to evolve your company into the future of the world and meet your future success in style, and fully monetized where you own all the assets. We intend to help your business master marketing and reach new explosive opportunities by meeting the world right where they are searching for your brand’s services, the now is evolving the future of technology and virtual may be the world of tomorrow. Our services will undoubtedly leave your company with successful foundations and sustainable profit that will scale past the days gone by.

We are your answer to flooding your bank vaults, generating crushing interest, and producing online initiatives that clear your warehouses. Rocket Now can’t wait to turn you into a mogul! Contact us today to schedule a free one-hour call with our team and explore all we can do to assist your business in power-ups.