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GameFi Ghosts: The Guild, Masterminds Re-Imagined

OK here is a recent initiative, this is pre-launch, and it comes down to audience selection, so whatever initiative it is (I learned this from Dan Kennedy) –  audience is kind of the most important thing you can ever do.

Are you into GameFi, do you nurture and care about your audience and their investments? Do you care about growing about growing your and scaling your lifetime customer value?

Well. Then guess what, you are in the exact right place, at the exact right time, for the exact right reasons, and this could make you grow your audience exponentially, overnight.

Editor’s Note: If that’s not you, then this post isn’t targeted at you and I sincerely apologize but reading the rest of this post is not going to be that valuable for you, however it could be a fun read still. Feel free to check out the other articles on our site and find something that fits your category, or just contact us and ask us any question you want answered and we’ll put someone on it right away. You may even inspire our next post.


Now back why is audience targeting so powerful.

– It gives you context so you can target correctly

– It gives you focus so the audience resonates with the product

– It gives you a point of view so you can design your category

– It gives you insight so you know how to give the most value to that audience


I’m going to paraphrase Dan here..


If you sell a product for a one handed left handed golfer, and you market it to where one handed left handed golfers hang out, then when that one handed left handed golfer reads your headline, and the headline says: “This product is exclusively for one handed left handed golfers” that guy is going to go: “OMG this product for me” so you can have pretty average marketing with good audience and it’s going hit hard, in the reverse you could have poor audience selection and the best marketing in the world and no one is going to buy anything. If you’re scared of doing this, I know that’s a very reasonable fear, for people who aren’t one handed left handed golfers, they’ll just wizz by it and go “Oh that’s not for me” and they’ll move on and that can save each group a lot of time.


The number #1 marketing time saver that’ll cost you a fortune to skip over..


Again I believe this is the biggest mistake everyone makes without realizing it, it’s so easy to do, I’m guilty myself in fact. It can seem unintuitive to specifically and directly target one avatar, or one audience.


The only reason why our stuff and our clients stuff works so well, is we can say hey, let us put in the extra annoying work for the audience research, and before we do anything make sure our audience selection is correct. In fact I have a really fun new initiative that I’m working on right this minute as I write this, that I think you’re going to love.


I won’t spoil it yet, and I highly suggest you tune in with all your attention to take in every line and every word I’m sharing because most of what I do is essentially just an amalgamation of the best marketers I’ve ever met, and I encompass and test what works for me and then I incorporate it into my skill set, then push it to my clients and partners, so I promise this will be worth the read if you like unique and powerful marketing plays you can take advantage of before anyone else. If you don’t like new powerful tools that give you more time, and can make you more money, then this probably isn’t for you and you can just skim through or go to the next article, it hurts but you know what I don’t mind, I want you to maximize your time.


Is this is for you.. Yes yes I care about you.


This real world, live example, is for you, that’s right, yes you, the person who loves the new and knows the value of new. I cannot believe I am ok sharing this, this early on, but I always have the opinion that I will always openly share all our greatest stuff because I know:


  1. how hard marketing online is for most people
  2. the skill requirement is a lot more than what’s available for free right now
  3. Silicon valley is shilling their tools all day through through content marketers, and the world think that marketing is easy right, news flash, its harder than its ever been, you may just be better than you were.
  4. PS if you aren’t a full time marketer, then I guarantee you are getting fed fake news that you are already good at marketing. Sorry to my affiliate network who is shilling tips all long to you and back-linking to a bunch of products that take credit card info yet don’t actually fill it for you.
  5. If the thing doesn’t load money on the card what the hell is it doing telling you you’re good at marketing and it’s easy to make online. Ya if it is that easy they fill your card for you, for free, no questions asked. And no please for the love of the internet guys do not scam people thinking there is a credit card loading app magic fountain.


Ok I lied there is one: GameFi Ghosts

..Maybe two: Rocket Now.

In fact I personally spend close to just over a million dollars each year personally upgrading my own marketing skills. That does not include staff training that is all going to professional expert coaching, mastermind groups, advisors, you name it.


And I don’t think that’s fair for me or my clients to have advantages like that, at all. I think we all get sold up the river by Silicon Valley and we get led and guided through a lot of affiliate content and that volume of “free internet money”, “marketing is simple”, “add your credit card here”, can leverage our perception and understanding of what is actually working. It is all these month-to-month tools, and clear marketing channels.. that essentially just bill you monthly and let you do your own thing.

You may think, oh maybe another $500 in search ads may do the trick. Will it though? How can we tell? Do those tools make you more money, do they take time to teach you how to best utilize them to do so? Are they loading that credit card for free for you when you add it in..


A live 10 million dollar offer..

First I want to share a quick story with you of how long I have been making Guilds for, online guilds, like just thinking about this. My Guild online was created, when I was 8 years old with dial up internet.

I’m 31 now, so that would be.. 1998? maybe it was in 20010/2001 and I was 10 or 11. Whatever we’ll never know this exact age, so lets just go back to the story..


The First 100 Million Digital Asset Acquisition Guild..

In fact my first guild, I called it: the Thieves Guild.

The year was 1998..

I love Guilds, I have build so many iterations of 1 member thieves guilds, and I don’t want to hear it.. ok I had no friends, too much free time on my and no one else to tell me what was right or wrong, or even what I was working with, I just love building and I do what I like to do.. and usually that is to the social benefit of everyone and not to the detriment of a bunch of other players and super cool universe devs.

The Theives Guild was my first web content actually, I learned html/css somehow and would do my photo editing in paint, and I made this thing when I was 8 years old on dial up internet.. and all I did back then was play on and build websites for free on freewebs, now Neopets had a Guild system in it, which let you inject html/css to hack on their system and you could even create a custom portal and build a community with it’s own hierarchy, and unique titles and offer value to your members. Ooo much like Discord today..

In my guild, as it’s only member, I was always able to be the top dog, the grandmaster thief, I had spots for a master thief, treasurer, the secretary, associate etc.. I built and created so much Neopets content, as an 8 year old I build entire multi page websites packed with all the greatest hacks, the guides to get every avatar in it (avatars.. does that remind you guys of something in the metaverse.. noooo have avatars been around for decades.. well good thing I started avatar hacking when I was 8) I actually never really played Neopets itself, I only cared about ways to hack it and get the stuff for free, I’ll be honest.. I was the greatest and most illusive Neopets hacker on the planet.

You name it, I was on a mission to make 1 million neopoints from day 1, and I learned it on day 2 it would take like 10 years, 8 hours a day, to make it just playing the game normally, so I only cared about what I could do to get to 1 millon points without actually playing the game.

I’m ashamed to admit it, I built automated web crawlers that would optimize how many random events I could get, I created about 200 accounts farming the free daily gifts, I would buy accounts that had one word usernames on the darkest of the dark webs. And I made special programs that made me a lot of Neopoints during the Halloween and Christmas promos when they gave out gifts to each account and I’d funnel 200 gifts into 1 account, I had exploits for all their javascript games (Meerca chase.. the game was clearly only possible to get 1200 score in it naturally so I just wrote an exploit that gave me an unbeatable 10k score- my first a.i. based system) that got my account all the trophies available on every single neopets game, if you played that game and saw an account with over 5 throphies chances are I owned that account at some point, there was a shop system in the game that let you sell your digital assets- this is like an NFT marketplace guys, just to remind you how much depth I have on this) I hacked their shop search algorithms at 8 years old in 2008 so that my shops would come up first and I could sell at 2x the price, and they I would have so many unique items people would bookmark my store and I could sell them up my value ladder) and unfortunately and very fair to how the world actually works (always play honestly my friends) every single account eventually would get banned, and I didn’t understand that that was a sign this was wrong morally, so instead I thought it was a game still and would use their trading post trading system (btw trading posts are like ebay and your favourite classified site today) and I would  launder all the assets back to one allstar main account.

But it was a long road to 1 million, I even made the first fake html fake login pages that were perfect copies, I had made every single hack that ever existed on that site, and I must have been the biggest pain in the ass for that development team, I feel so bad, I loved Neopets, I didn’t know it was wrong, but those guys refused to reset my password so that makes us even. And if they want the $6 back for the 100 million neopoints I scammed off their site during that run. They can message me anytime, and I feel so bad, but I was 8 and I wasn’t stealing peoples bank accounts here these were free virtual game items. Sadly those were the first NFTs in my personally opinon. And Neopets was the first virtual world and metaverse I experienced. So this is not a new thing guys, this is just a phenomal world we live in now. People care about gaming again. People want to experience these worlds and people are starting to see the value of the digital asset. In fact I may say I have the greatest background you could ask for in understanding the virtual value that game assets have that many people don’t, and I have been into GameFi NFTs since 1998 guys.

People would sell and trade those neopoints we made for cash on the secret forums- just like the early days of Bitcoin, and I liked the items in the game more than the cash personally, so I would always take my lawn mowing money and just buy buy buy these things, and I learned a powerful lesson, I made the mistake of selling my favourite neopets account: Storm_Chaser (Storm Chaser is favorite avatar username of all time- its the name of a flying pirate ship in a fantasy series) and I never will forget that msn messenger deal, and I never recovered that feeling I had that was lingering afterwards, that cash meant nothing to me, it has no value whatsoevere in comparison to that digital asset I exclusively held. I held that avatar username and no one else but me was Storm_Chaser Grandmaster of The Thieves Guild.

Luckily I did not take that path into adulthood, I chose to take the white hat path in life, and Neopets was my only victim, and I even applied at 11 to work for them- and if only they knew I was the one costing them $400,000+ dollars in cyber security and bug fixes, and protecting their website every year, maybe they would have accepted my resume that said “I will work for neopoints”.

I remember the day I made I made my first million neopoints, I actually did succeed at my day 1 goal. That first million was in my Neopets vault and that was the richest I’ve ever felt in my entire life. And the next 99 million I scamed off the site was fun for a bit but I will never feel that wealthy ever again.

That is the story of the first Hundred Million (Neopoint) Guild.



Now Show Us That Offer You Crazy Neopets guy..

So I want you guys reading this to know, I truly care about you succeeding too, and this is a live ten million dollar offer I just finished preparing for a new framework of mine, and it’s an evolution of Masterminds, and some of you guys may know this already or suspect this instinctively, but masterminds can be fantastic, it’s a learning and networking experience and I personally subscribe to them all the time, and even have my own that I’m that big of a fan of the model. But that’s for another day. Today I want to teach you about something you’ve never heard about before in this article, you may have heard the name in a thrilling fantasy novel or in a Marvel comic book somewhere, I call this framework in honor of those fantasy adventures I loved as a kid, and in honor of Neopets.. The Guild.


What is a Guild


The Guild… What is a Guild you ask!! and why should anyone care about it?

Well my friends let me tell you.. the value.. of the Guild.

So I want to align with you as fast as I can on this, a Guild is an inverse of the mastermind structure, at a certain level or point in your career, the novelty of each new mastermind starts to lose it’s luminosity, and they don’t feel as effective anymore. Which is ok, lots of things are like that, you go skiing every day on the same mountain it could lose its importance or incremental value of 1 more day to you.


Guilds.. this is essentially for your highest value backend offer to date and will take your business to take another level, you will be able to re-engage that customer with another tier of value for them, here is the intro page for GameFI Ghosts, it’s just a good example of a modern sales page, as I’ll close it at 100 people, which will net a tune of 10 million dollars, one time, the audience is an advanced category and has two main focuses right now, they want to expand their current audiences and they have trouble with investing in the more competitive projects where a lot of investors are all vying for the same chance to get in on.


This is a really targeted audience, 100 people isn’t very many, and they need to share similar audiences for the Guild to work, as that’s my hypothesis, that with a Guild structure these individuals can actually work together now and move mountains not hills.


Why are Masterminds challenging for certain people?


The Mastermind Framework: 2 Educators serviced by 98 Students

The Guild Framework: 98 Peers serviced by 2 Facilitators

The mastermind equation is often 2 people who are the guides / the teachers / the head coaches / and the head cheerleaders for everyone else in the mastermind, those other 98 people often take the role of students, and rarely will a head coach be able to partner with a student due to the time value equation that each party has to offer. The coach may do a million a month as an example, and the student is there to learn and may only be doing 100k a month for this example. In this situation it is extremely unwise for that coach to partner in on any initiative with the student only because they are working on different scales at this point in time.


Lets flip the equation..

Now let me flip this equation for you. This is the fun part. This is what a guild is, instead of 2 teachers to 98 students, a guild is instead 2 facilitators to 98 peers. The peers are connected, collaborations formed, deals handled, negotiation and the outreach is all done by the facilitators for the peer group. The facilitators are not more knowledgeable then the peer group, they are there to make sure everyone who wants to work together, gets to work together and ultimately everyone knows they will win way more when they can work together, however it’s a time consuming task to do outreach and navigate to a winning partnership and that is 1000% who a facilitator exists in a Guild. They are servicing and doing the back and forth so everyone has the time to actually link in and sync up on mutually beneficial collaborations.


It doesn’t matter who you are, each one of us can relate to the benefits of a good collaboration, when we get an extra hand and we don’t have to ask.. Now that, my friends, is the magic of a Guild. Now this facilitator to peer model, The Guild, is so new that as I’m writing this the video is still uploading and the outreach is waiting on that video to send it out to our lists, that is how fresh this is, and that is how much I care about you guys staying ahead of the curve in marketing.


Studying the GameFi Ghosts Guild..


Now remember this link is directed at specific individuals in GameFi, I want them to work together and help more projects be more successful and to be frank I had no idea that the GameFi category (which is basically video games that implement digital currencies and digital art tokens) and the fact that the blockchain industry as a whole wasn’t running affiliate programs for most projects. I was actually shocked by it. That gave me a reason to put this together. Truly shocked in fact I might add. I want to to re-highlight how important I believe it is to discover new marketing frameworks like you just did, and can apply this early on because you know have a new lever of knowledge, how you choose to use that level.. is up to you.


What Rocket Now to help. WhatsApp us and feel free to hit send 24/7 and we’ll get rolling right away. Our WhatsApp is +1-778-760-0329 we’ll do a 100% performance based deal with you today, and get it done fast. Or you simply email us anytime at [email protected].

If you are interested in the biggest most powerful GameFi NFT Guild that will ever exist and want in on the alpha I will literally front you the buy in if you can’t afford it but have an audience you to grow and want in anyways. Click here to learn everything you need to know before making a commitment.


Blockchain is a Ghost town(pun intended) for affiliate programs..

The blockchain industry, as a whole, isn’t doing affiliate sales yet. Every tech company does affiliate programs for reference. Even Coinbase has a program. In fact it blew me away so much of the lack there of, I made sure to push an article out almost immediately discussing how any of my friends (including yourself)  could do it, and instead of a normal inbox, I woke up to ten GameFi and NFT founders reaching out asking me directly for help with their blockchain and metaverse projects. So GameFi Ghosts I was working on anyways and is my long term solution for them and any other founders down the line who need an affiliate sales channel that just crushes sales for them in exchange for commissions on the projects. GameFi Ghosts is a mutual collective of 100 individuals, all in the same field, with similar audiences, who traditionally compete with each other for the same eyes, and it makes it difficult to work together based on how much time everyone actually has, and of course we have to vet the people and make sure we understand who they are, and then make sure they have trusted points of view and good industry standings, and that they care about their audience as much as we all care about you guys. The cool part of GameFi Ghosts is not the audience building, the deal flow, its that I will guarantee you 30 days or your money back and help you grow regardless. If you’re even interested you’re already a friend of mine, and I’d love to help you with your goals at any point in time.

WhatsApp: +1-778-760-0329

Email: [email protected]

Link to Contact Form


Here is a link to the article that inspired 10 Founder’s and CEO’s to reach out personally within 24 hours, which turned into a prioritized percent of my time executing on the Guild project and launching GameFi Ghosts for you.


Affiliate programs matter..


I call this effort the GameFi Ghosts, which is just like any affiliate program except myself and my company Rocket Now will act as the Guilds direct facilitator and round up the deals on behalf of you guys, the peers or members, we will work with each project founder to make sure they follow legal frameworks perfectly, and that they have a strong mission that we as a group can support them on it. They will get help with marketing that is proven to work and frankly most of this initial GameFi pre-seed group was so sincere and genuinely and wanted to help other people so badly, that many managed to convince me to personally coach them and I was offered a lot of positions on advisory boards, a lot of free equity partnerships, and I made too much just off being an affiliate down the road so I had very low interest in that so I’ve been coaching them on how to delight customers like they dream of doing, I make sure they how to treat people in their community like royalty, empower and promote dedicated fans up to lead the communities, and teach them how make sure every client becomes a lifetime one and joins their universe. I also make sue that they understand the responsibilities in what they want to do. If everyone and everything aligns, then and only then can we can help them get sales going, and all of course without taking big chunks of their equity, drive and business this early on, and we enable them by navigating the complexities of what marketing has become for them on their own.

Don’t wait Join the GameFi Ghosts right now before we fill up the alpha and it’s too late..


People really want to help each other..


It is remarkable how much people want to help each other, I don’t think I met a single founder that even will listen to me when I tell them that “hey, if you want to change the world, you have to be ok making money, if you can scale and help more people isn’t that important too?”, and most just say “Hey Josh, 100% goes to social good and I’m doing it for free no matter what you say” which is really annoying because now I end up roped into these project not making any money, having my heart emotionally activated, and all I really want to do is help these people succeed and help them dodge every land mine that I have personally have taken a hit on so that they actually can get out there and connect with people.


The Offer Page..

Ok so without further ado, here is the link to the offer. Where you can 1 click into growing your audience, and getting the best GameFi deal flow on the planet. And stop having to compete to invest your money with the a16z’s for all the good deals.

Yes! I want to Join GameFi Ghosts: The Guild. Today!

That will takes you to the actually sales page (apologize in advance I need to re-record that video intro), but the key lesson is I started out with audience selection before anything else, and often 999/1000 times you yourself are part of the audience already that you’re trying to sell to, or you’ve been part at that audience at one point and you want to help others within that group be successful too.


I’ve leave you with that, it was my pleasure to share some cool new stuff we have going on, and I hope you have an amazing day, I hope you go out there can hit all your targets today, and I want your main takeaway to be, for you to start reading between the lines on what people are generically talking about as that may be saturated already, in fact we only do backwards, weird, illogical, hard effort marketing initiatives now, because in a field of 1, often those may just work for you.


One last thing..


In fact if you are a marketer and you want to learn how to elevate your game to the world stage, then get in touch any time, we would love to have you join our team, I mean you read this far learned everything you need to know about the new Guild framework, you must be our kind of people too, now what are you waiting for either jump on GameFi Ghosts or get me in on your next Guild.

Cheers to you and yours and Merry Christmas.

Josh James