Rocket Now Best NFT Marketing

Are You A Top Affiliate Looking To Major in NFTs Without Mine-oring in Crypto?


Are you an affiliate or affiliate manager looking to make real dollars by promoting new NFT projects?

We are looking for top affiliates who want to capitalize on successful product launches in NTF, Metaverse, Blockchain, Crypto and GameFi. We do many legal launches and have many projects on the clip board, and we want you both to succeed.

Rocket Now handles all the positioning and marketing brain and we are all over blockchain marketing and as an agency we only charge for direct consulting and take everything else on performance. Josh and the team specialize in guiding NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to their full potential and category kingdom that will last a lifetime. Our team can helps projects align with you quickly while providing ongoing support throughout your relationship with the project to make sure every comes together to fit your audience. We are there ever step of the way and will connect all the dots and make sure we all crush it together.

We vet all our projects, dial them in on the legal, and make sure what they say is what is fulfilled and we make no grandiose promises but this may be the most money you could ever make in affiliate marketing right now.

We have some crazy tech, like you can send NFTs to your email list and they can uniquely deposit them direct from email, with accounts of not. This is truly unique to Rocket and we are working hard on the alpha for certain affiliates who target whales and want to indulge in some kind of unique air drop.

We want you 100%, don’t hesitate, any audience size or vetted method, flexible commissions, low key- we do payouts often within 24 hours, faster if we are on a roll, we have projects that want you in today, right now, and can’t wait to meet you. Now its your turn to reach out, and contact us anytime 24/7, we’re always online working on new exclusive projects that you can solo no questions asked. Our WhatsApp: +1-778-760-0329 or you can email at: [email protected]

All the best my friends.