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⚡️ – Blockchain Nitro Masters – ⚡️



This intermediate-level 126-hour Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Certificate Program consisting of five (5) courses provides students with Blockchain / Distributed Ledger knowledge, strategies, tools and skills that are of importance in the workplace. 

Offered in an online learning format over 7 weeks, that provides a flexible and interactive learning environment; this degree program is for all levels of experience with Blockchain / Distributed Ledger technology.

Blockchain / Distributed Ledger skills are required in an ever increasing rate for a variety of fields, including government, health, education, financial services (banks), logistics, real estate, start-ups,  oil / gas, the non-profit sector, and business. 

Graduating students will be able to demonstrate effective skills and techniques that immediately provide value to any employer.

Using a stepwise progressively elaborate learning approach, students will use Blockchain / Distributed Ledger tools, techniques, platforms and hands on practice to gain understanding of all aspects of this emerging technology. From where it originated, to what it is, to how it is being used, to how to use it, to how it could be used to add value in the future, the student will gain employable skills and insight regarding blockchain / distributed ledger technology.

By integrating theory and practical application, students will learn the essentials of blockchain / distributed ledger technology.

Graduates of the Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Certificate are qualified to write the Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Professional (ARC ®) exam as part of the Rocket Now’s (ARCTIC®) credentialing process. Graduates will receive an email explaining this process, within 3 days of receiving their final marks from Rocket Now University.   


 Knowledge of coding or programming



Students must attain a minimum grade of 90% in all courses in the degree program to meet our graduation requirements.

COURSES (within the program)

Note:   All assignments will be one of the following types:

  • Research and report
  • Interpret and discuss
  • Live interactive forum
  • Create and Showcase

Quizzes (multiple-choices, where one of the choices is the “Most Collect” answer)


At the end of the RCKT-BLCK courses students will be given their ARC® certification + credits towards unlocking their ARCTIC® degree.

 (if they get 90% or higher in each course)