Stealing The Divine Fire [ The Evergreen.. Ecologically Important Marketing ] x MediaTech.Ventures

TLDR; Transactional Highlights

  • Transactions in an Economy make the economy
  • Money + Credit Spending for Products, Services or Financial Assets
  • The more important the more you should measure it
  • If you can do more you must do more

My name is JJ, and I’m a marketer. When I started out in the business, all I knew about marketing was what my professors taught me – create an eye-catching advertisement, write interesting copy that would draw people in, and use data to target the right audience. Little did I know that there was so much more to it than that!



One day when researching ways to improve my campaigns, I stumbled upon something unexpected: The Magic Three – Pathos, Ethos and Logos. It seemed like these three concepts had more insight than meets the eye into how to better understand predict an rationalize human behaviour when it came to advertising – something I had ever thought of before!



With this newfound knowledge, I set out on a mission: To develop an approach for matching human behaviour with powerful novel understanding about evergreen marketing strategies; ecologically important campaigns; innovative ideas on how we can save our planet; and ultimately steal the divine fire in the process.



I soon found myself delving deep into behavioural neuroscience and studying up on cognitive psychology as well. Through extensive research and experimentation over many months (and sometimes nights), I finally crafted a mechanical based secret system for successfully predicting which marketing maneuvers would be most effective at getting people’s attention – using the magic three principles as my foundation.



The results were unprecedented! My new formula combined with algorithmic understandings worked incredibly well – even surpassing anything I had been able to achieve thus far – allowing us all-expense-paid-access to uncharted territories within consumer communication through emotionally driven storytelling methods combined with ethical persuasion techniques backed by logical rationale.



By leveraging the ancient study of Pathos, Ethos and Logos together in harmony with each other , not only did we manage to conquer behavioural neuroscience but also revolutionize modern-day marketing practices for the right reasons..



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