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How I grew a marketing agency from 0 to 5 Clients in one weekend during the pandemic..


Content Marketing, with barely a $1000 bill in my pocket to do so, during the pandemic– I managed to find a way to opportunize on the situation over a weekend and I want to help you do the same.

Why don’t we start with the big question, why did I want to power up my Marketing Company – Rocket Now – and why was it not as active as it was.

Let’s just say my other ideas normally pay better and are less time consuming.

Long story short, in order to fund our other projects, we needed capital, and since we used to be marketing entrepreneurs, we thought: “let’s focus on the business we know we are successful at so we can pay for the help we need on our other projects”

Well, that mindset changed pretty quickly once we got the ball rolling. Boy do we love marketing, we had forgotten how much we loved that challenge.



Tip #1: Make sure you are up to date with the latest. Don’t go back in cold. Come back in hot and ready to help clients succeed.

For us that meant updating to the latest, I’ve been in professional online marketing for over 12 years and I still took several courses to completion to educate myself on any changes before even talking to a single client.

If you’re going to be doing content marketing like this, I highly recommend you take this course before doing anything:

Let’s be clear, a year of trial of error went it before we figured out how to get clients in one weekend.




Tip #2: Start with who you know. Make sure everyone knows you’re in the game, back in the game, or reachable online with your business.

Now, open up a new browser window and start finding the groups you want to promote in. Yes, sorry to tell you, direct Pay Per Click (PPC) doesn’t work anymore.

Hopefully that statement will save you from losing a shirt on PPC. Plan to create one great piece of unique content that reflects your business over the next week, make it unique, and interesting, period. Don’t worry about your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) just yet and never worry about your volume. You want to be marketing the content, not your product or service directly, it’s become a 3 stage process. Create great content, market it to the right people, optimize it for conversions.

Content marketing is not new, but we all need to promote more than we realize.

We also need to be ok tailoring our content for the perfect customer.

Great content shines in todays market and you need to create content that is in alignment with your audiences pain points (everyday challenges) even if that means “levelling” your content to a higher expertise level. This is where we can help you, Rocket Now can help you align your product or service with demand.



Create 1 unique brilliant piece of content for your target customer every month that will help them with some pain point or challenge they are having and develop a long-term strategy off of that. You have people to reach out to with questions on their pain points, now is the time to do so, that will get your creative juices flowing. To assist you in that, start with who you are and what your business can do for them and learn from your customs what problems they are having. That’s what you need to align with and write about the solutions. The solutions are what people will search for, and if you are the one providing them with the right solutions, guess what, they’ll convert over time.

Great content designed for your specific client hits hard.



From what we’ve learned in trial and error, this content has to hit smarter than your ideal clients expertise level.

It’s an amazing thing to think about, if this content actually hits at a smarter level than what you’d normally be reading you’ll likely reach out to us. We do professional online digital marketing and optimizing your content for search is one thing, but we also optimize for conversions. We’ll work with your feedback, as you know your business, and use that feedback to dramatically grow your business.

Our goal will be to align with your market, open doors, and start long term relationship building content for your audience. The more you succeed the more we succeed.



So, who do we write these blog posts for: namely our clients and you.

We want to help you align with demand, find customers and drive real revenue from online.

That can only be done with the support, feedback and trust of each and every single one of you. Rocket now loves what we do. In breathing life into the company again we realized we missed our passion project. Helping you grow your dreams is as good as growing ours, so we’re always here to help you on your journey.

You’re an expert in closing deals, we ‘re experts at opening them.


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