For Handcuffed CEO’s and CMO’s, How to Market Your Cannabis Brands Online

For Handcuffed CEO’s and CMO’s, How to Market Your Cannabis Brands Online

Are you struggling to market your cannabis business online?

Have you gotten all your ads denied by the two biggest marketing engines on the planet?

Did you know that 50% of all online advertising dollars are spent with Google, 20% of all ads run online are spent through Facebook, and like 8% through Twitter.. That leaves you with only 22% of the entire internet to market your legalized, certified, and regulated goods.

Yesterday I was helping a new client after he had hit a final disparity level trying to run Ads on Google for his new business, I sympathized because he was just trying to get clients in the door at his location but he ran into a wall where he felt he had no options and needed my help.

I knew that the fastest way to solving his problem, was to first give him what he wanted first, which was getting natural search traffic. Then after that I knew he would be more open to understanding how I could give him what he actually needed to scale his business.

So we put it in hyperdrive, meta tagged and optimized his entire 150 item site overnight with the best A.I. copywriting tools there is, then crafted sales letter style articles for each of his product line categories and categorically optimized it to the topical context Google looks for in the latest algorithm. We managed to get him properly naturally indexed within 24hrs, and overnight he went form zero to 1, to 10, to 177 etc.

Anyways he wasn’t happy still, which I new would happen from the get go, because he wouldn’t trust there was something more powerful than websites. What is the missing link between 1 lead a day from your organic traffic to your site, and 10,000 leads that convert all day long? The answer I’m sure you know, is a Sales Funnel.

Now he still wasn’t ready, and again tried to run ads, and after getting rejected on Google over 6 times in a row, he said I can’t advertise what do I do. First thing is don’t let your name and credit card get hard banned from those platforms for trying to run restricted items.

Long story short, I began to educate him and his staff on why we use 2 Step Marketing and why 2 Step Marketing is allowed on every platform and works for almost any item. The problem was, after 2 hours of instructions, I realized that this is something that not only no one understands is possible, but also is something that could be holding back all my friends in the Cannabis industry. In fact I forget that the most valuable things (I know from experience) are weird backwards, and no one else is using them because it’s not common knowledge and is deemed illogical. Which is also why it works so well. If you use the same tools as everyone is, you’re going to get the same results as them, and end up right where you started. Out money, confused, frustrated, and left out to dry by these big companies.

So this is what inspired this post, this is our fully proven system, that I did not invent, this was literally taught to me by the best affiliate marketers in the world I know of, and reinforced by our own successes with it, Thou shall not 1 step market things.

So We wrote up a quick and powerful Christmas Gift for all our Cannabis friends having trouble marketing their legal products on the biggest platforms on the internet right now.

Google and Facebook are just trying to keep you from blowing up the Rodeo, in fact if you don’t know about Two-Step marketing, everything is below.

You’ve probably heard that Google Ads, YouTube, and Facebook are the best ways to advertise. But how do you use them without getting in trouble with the law and their platform? The truth is there are a lot of restrictions on marketing cannabis online. That’s why we created this figurative guide for people who want to learn how to market their products safely through these channels.

If you follow our advice, you won’t have any problems marketing your product effectively while staying within the confines of the law. And if something does go wrong – don’t worry! Our team has years of experience helping clients like yourself get back on track after an advertising snafu or two. Let us help keep your business safe so it can continue growing into a successful enterprise for years to come!

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