Rocket Now Web3 NFT Crypto Marketing

Engineer the next Sneakerheads.. Not the next Nike Fan Page


Key Resources

  • Makes Community Identity and our Messaging a Priority
  • Is Independent of the brand (different name), yet is a tribe that uses the brand
  • Ie. The Country  is USA and it’s identity is Americans, they live in US but it’s an identity with shared community values, expectations, way of conduct, is independently different
  • NBA and their community is Basketball Fans, Yuga Labs and community is the BAYC, DC Shoes is the brand and Skaters are the tribe they serve that wear DC Shoes
  • “Insert Client Brand” is the brand, “Insert Client Product” is product but our community and tribe we serve are “Hash Taggers”


  1. Manifesto
  • Our Movement
  • Our Identity
  • Values and Creed
  • Our Hook, Our Story, Our Offer
  • What Inspired Hash Taggers
  • Our Spirit
  • Where we are headed


  1. Tribe Identity
  • Ie. Hash Taggers
  • DNA of Being a Hash Tagger
  • Liberate and Educate


  1. Milestone Community Awards


  1. Journey
  • The 2 Journeys we take the tribe on within our movement
  • Journey of Achievement
  • Journey of Transformation, who the hero becomes while on the journey of achievement