RCKT-BLCK – 101 – Introduction to Blockchain / Distributed Ledger (14 hours online – week 1) 


This course will provide the student with the foundational knowledge of today’s Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology platforms and how this emerging technology provides value to world of business.


Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • explain how blockchain technology came about
  • define what Blockchain is and what is its purpose
  • explain the key terms / items of Block Chain / Distributed Ledger Technology
  • identify Blockchain / Distributed Ledger features
  • describe what a distributed database is
  • define the difference between Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Interpret blockchain’s value proposition as a technology and as a disruptor
  • Outline the current impact of blockchain on industries

Topics covered include:

  1. The History of Blockchain
  2. The language (terms) of Blockchain
    • Bitcoin / Cryptocurrencies
    • Mining and Miners
    • Merkle Tees
    • Hashing and dual-key encryption
  1. What are Blockchains
    • What do they do
    • Why Blockchain Matters (it’s intended purpose)
    • How is a Blockchain Structured
      • Block
      • Chain
      • Networks
  1. What is a distributed ledger system
  2. What is a distributed data base
  3. Current and future uses for Blockchain


Assessment Breakdowns

Grade/ Mark Breakdown

Individual Grade Percent
Assignments 50
Quizzes 50
Total 100