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Breaking News: Switzerland’s Tokenized Securities Law Rolls Red Carpet for Global Digital Marketing Raises

Swiss Tokenized Securities Law Two Thumbs Up for on Chain Assets and ten out of ten for marketing feed funds


Regulated crypto banks SEBA and Sygnum each issued tokenized securities.

  • Swiss Bank Cité Gestion Buttons Up Tuxedo and waves the red cape with Taurus
  • Hamilton Lane swift to follow with B’s on the line
  • Feeder Funds Unleash Min Investment From 5mil to 20k

The fund offers “diversified exposure to unique and differentiated deals through an efficient fee structure,” Hamilton Lane said in the statement. A feeder fund collects money from a pool an investors.

With the tokenized version of the feeder fund, the minimum investment amount drops to $20,000 from at least $5 million for the traditional version.


Issuing a new era of Private Wealth Solutions

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Our goal is to multiply your assets and not mystify or minimize to the mercy of losing all funds to inflation rate..


​Leveraging a $823B+* private markets platform, Hamilton Lane provides private wealth clients access to a diversified, institutional-quality portfolio. Hamilton Lane investor friendly funds are semi-liquid, have lower minimum investment requirements than traditional private investments and seek attractive returns at lower volatility than the public equity markets. Exclusively focused on the private markets for more than 30 years, Hamilton Lane is one of the largest allocators and investors of private capital around the world. *Inclusive of $107.4B in assets under management and $716.5B in assets under supervision as of September 30, 2022

Hamilton Lane is an alternative investment management firm providing innovative private markets solutions to sophisticated investors around the world. The firm has been dedicated to private markets investing for more than three decades and currently has more than 570 employees operating in 21 offices throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East. With $107.4+ billion in assets under management and $716.5B+ billion in assets under supervision*, Hamilton Lane offers a full range of investment products and services that enable clients to participate in the private markets asset class on a global and customized basis.

“Private equity has outperformed the S&P 500 by 70% over the past 20 years, but that performance has mostly been enjoyed by major institutions, sovereign wealth funds and university endowments. Individual investors can begin accessing these opportunities, too,” HL

Millennials and GenZ are the most active when it comes to crypto so having access to some of the best asset and wealth managers in the world definitely bodes well for the foreseeable future..

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King Midas and the Golden Touch -The Gold Standard

Our 2022 Market Overview draws parallels between the story of King Midas and the exuberance of the private markets of late. Will the industry come to rue the gift of a golden touch? Is all that glitters really gold?

Institutional Investor convenes the world’s asset managers and owners through gold standard experiences. Whether in-person or digitally, they deliver highly-curated and valuable business experiences such as innovative events, competitive intelligence, commercial exposure, capital placement and private community – all designed to facilitate professional and business growth. Institutional Investor is based in New York, London and Hong Kong. It is a Delinian Group Company (formerly Euromoney Institutional Investor, PLC).

Just what is the state of Money Management in 2023..


At least beat the interest rate.. where are we now on inflation?

The world has operated on a fairly coordinated global economic cycle since the GFC. Essentially, most governments and central banks acted in the same direction of stimulus or pulling back at around the same time. We may be about to embark on a different cycle, driven by inflation, interest rates and perceived need for domestic stimulus. Our thesis is that interest rates will rise only to the extent they are needed to curb inflation. In the absence of that need, our core belief is that rates will continue to stay lower for longer, and we may all be surprised by the continued strength of capital markets.


KKR goes tok-ogganing on Avalanche

Halfway to a trillion under management- KKR is a leading global investment firm that offers alternative asset management and capital markets and insurance solutions. KKR aims to generate attractive investment returns by following a patient and disciplined investment approach, employing world-class people, and supporting growth in its portfolio companies and communities. KKR sponsors investment funds that invest in private equity, credit and real assets and has strategic partners that manage hedge funds. KKR’s insurance subsidiaries offer retirement, life and reinsurance products under the management of The Global Atlantic Financial Group. References to KKR’s investments may include the activities of its sponsored funds and insurance subsidiaries.


Securitize to the rescue- Compliance Technology now with Recco so you don’t need to live off ice all year long-

Securitize is the leader in digital asset securities, bringing together businesses seeking to raise capital with investors seeking access to alternative assets.

The Securitize tokenized fund is offered under SEC Reg D 506(c) and Securitize is tokenizing the Fund on the Avalanche public blockchain. KKR’s HCSG II Fund, to which the Fund provides exposure, invests in innovative health care companies in North America and Europe with proven products and services that are seeking a partner to commercialize and scale.

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