Why your website should go mobile

People are incessantly involved in their mobile phones, either engaged in an app or invested in a private conversation thanks to smart phone technology.

Smartphone users are constantly browsing the internet on the go, even simultaneously while using a computer.  As mobile sites increase exponentially , they are expected to hit the 150 million mark by 2017The PC to mobile based website proves to be a necessary refocus for all businesses. Cellphone browsing is often done fleetingly and to pass a short amount of time. We check into our mobile apps while in line at grocery stores or coffee shops with the expectation of covering a lot of ground in a short amount of time. In accordance to the Huffington post, “57 percent of mobile users will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load”. Because of this, efficient navigation and UX design is key in the design of successful mobile sites that doesn’t bore.

How do you turn a website mobile?


Jump on a website to mobile site converter tool such as bMobilized which enables you to convert your web page into a mobile friendly format of itself simply using its URL. This site charges five dollars a month to use its format, but doing some shopping around will prove that there are other sites that offer their service for free. 

Responsive web design

A single site that can revert to a mobile or web based layout accordingly is the work of responsive web design. Instead of running two separate websites, investing money into one fully integrated site ensures that leads can engage with your brand from any and all devices – beautifully. Responsive websites even come up higher in search engines rankings.

Skip the site for an app

Depending on whether your business is based on providing a service or a product, an app may be the way to go. Although considerably more expensive than a site, especially if custom developed, apps can facilitate task management between your brand and its customers, increasing its accessibility. Booking your service or ordering your products via an app increases their tangibility by making them available at customers’ fingertips.

Deciphering the most efficient online delivery of your brand to your target market alongside your budget will help you pick the most suitable mobile existence for your brand, whether that be site or app based. The mark of smartphone technology is only growing.