What are Venture Builders

A venture can be defined as a risky or daring journey or undertaking. Venture builders are organizations comprised of former startup founders that join hands in the development of each other’s new startup ideas to ensure success. In other words, venture builders build independent companies– simultaneously.

How does this model function?

Venture builders play off of each other’s repertoires; their expertise and experience in the industry. These organizations are also appropriately defined as a startup factories.

A tactic utilized by Steve Jobs in the formation of his enterprises, each member of a business venture invests themselves and their wallet in the group’s individual startups. Doing so, the organization is able to pool together enough ambition and resources to spread amongst each of its internal startup companies. The outcome of this process is a fusion of ideas, resources, and connections, spawning simultaneously designed business models.

The goal of building companies alongside one another, however, is not to morph together, but rather lift each other up with the intention of sprouting independently. This team quickly scatters in separate directions once its internal startups are either scrapped or strong enough to stand-alone. At this jump off point in the development process, the venture’s only internal support that remains active is in its monetary investments. 

 Why this model generates success  

It’s Strong Headed – Literally: With each contributor comes their people: designers, engineers, programmers and marketers that form a dynamic ecosystem enabling the birth of successful products, solution, and ventures. 

A Pooling of Ambition and Resources: Each member of the venture contributes their individual talents in the formation of a hybrid team. Furthermore, the success of individual members’ past projects funds their investments in the group’s current startups.

Ambition: Since Venture builders are comprised of experienced startup founders, the ambition to try again and again runs strong, as well as justified. Many venture builders found projects annually –and by the handful.

Tech-based industries (among many other industries in the world) are quickly evolving and according to Forbes, venture building is more successful at the start of an emerging industry. If you have a fresh idea and the resources to develop it, its success on the market has a high possibility. The startup Science Inc., led by former MySpace CEO Mike Jones, sees itself as a company that creates, invests, acquires, and scalessuccessful digital businesses; a suit of events that accurately describes the job of venture builders today.