Who wins the advertising battle

Facebook vs. LinkedIn


Go Big: Facebook is the most widely used, and developed social media platform out there.

Simplicity: Facebook’s self-serve platform facilitates a “Create an ad” option and is available for smaller budgets – so it’s small business friendly.

Yoga Moms vs. Middle Aged Golfers: Facebook allows users to target messages by a host of different criteria pulled from users profile information.

The Ability to Start a Conversation: Audience members can share and comment on posts and businesses can improve conversion rates by replying to these comments. Asking questions prompts easy feedback and interaction with your target demographic.

Pricey: Attracting high traffic on Facebook is difficult unless you’re spending at least $10 a week on promoting.

The Downside: Facebook is ineffective at business-to-business targeting as it uses information based on personal nature.

Linked In

B2B: LinkedIn’s business-to-business nature differs from other social media platforms allowing businesses detail targeting options such as job title or company size

Credibility: LinkedIn has a membership base that encompasses roughly one-third of all professional people in the word. 

Accountability: LinkedIn Ads start at $25 and guarantee a certain number of impressions.

Sponsored Updates: LinkedIn offers Sponsored Updates as an advertising format, these ads appear in user’s news feeds among other organic content.

Proven Growth: LinkedIn is growing and currently has a visitor-to-lead conversion rate outranking Facebook.

The Downside: A smaller network in comparison to Facebook; LinkedIn Ads management is also tedious due its lack of a desktop tool for managing campaigns.