The ugly truth of smartwatches

The word on the streets is the launch of the new SmartWatches from Samsung and Apple.

Why have we all avoided buying a SmartWatch? let’s face it, they don’t resemble what a Tag Heuer does and they look tacky and bulky.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear launched one of the first smartwatches in the market on September 25, 2013. It seems as if they were trying to create and lead a new market in smartwatches. Clearly the Samsung Galaxy Gear was not what a classy well dressed businessman would ever want to wear since it is big, square, orange and just plain ugly.

Samsung’s newer version: Gear S is better and gets away from the square version. Samsung unveiled the Samsung Gear S on August 28, 2014, just a few days before Apple unveils theirs.

A few of the specifications of the Gear S are:

  • It runs Tizen operating system
  • Has a curved 2-inch Super AMOLED 480×360 touch screen
  • A dual-core 1GHz SoC, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage
  • A 300 mAh battery — which Samsung claims will give you two full days of “typical usage”
  • It is IP67 certified (dust and water resistance)

The new Samsung Gear S comes preloaded with S Health, Nike+ Running, and Nokia’s Here maps for navigation. There are a ton of sensors that allow the Gear S to act as a fitness band, as well as something that vaguely resembles a very small smartphone.

Still, it is not what an aspiring entrepreneur would ever want to be seen with.

With the rise of this new market, I thought it would make sense to write out the types of things I would prefer to see in a smartwatch.


People are going want options for their bands (specially leather and steel).A watch is considered by most to be a fashion accessory and a status symbol.


Battery life is key for the smartwatch. The watch needs to be able to function fully for more than a few days. I don’t know about you but I do not want to be charging my watch every time I get in the car (I know we all do it with our phones already).


The watch needs to be fully functional without the phone.

These are just a few ideas of what I would like to see in the new upcoming smartwatches. I am going to be expecting Apple to launch a smartwatch that changes the game when they make their expected announcement on September 9th of 2014. Until then, no smartwatch for me.

Keep em coming.