Snapchat Marketing 101

We’ve seen Snapchat grow exponentially from photo to video, to interactive filters and advertisements. Today, the app harnesses an array of innovative branding opportunities–going way beyond your teen’s palm. 

Why should you consider Snapchat as a marketing tool for your business? Over 150 million people use snapchat. Every day. The app also provides trackable results, geographic targeting, and prices that work with almost every style, and size of business. Moreover, an interactive platform like Snapchat enables your target market to actually play with your campaign, rather than simply stare at it. 


The options are all over the map; below we organized an overview of a few. 

Video Ads: These mobile video ads run on the app starting at a cost per campaign of $10,000 per month, in ad spend. Not cheap, but a classic and effective method of advertising that functions similar to YouTube advertisements. 

Sponsored lenses: This interactive advertising option starts at $450,000 per day. It’s something users get excited about, and play with (trust us). 

Nationwide sponsored geofilters: Starting at $500 000 per day, these geofilters snag everyone in your target geographic location, prompting them to interact with your brand through an exciting new filter they haven’t seen before. 

Snapchat discover: These are the ads that are placed at the top of the app feed screen. Users can scroll through them at their leisure, like they do their snap stories. These cost $50 000 per day to run. 

Snap to unlock: Brands put the codes, which look like Snapchat logos, on billboards, in stores or on products for people to scan. The price of this advertising fluctuates but runs slightly above that of sponsored local geofilters. An affordable, creative branding option fit for a timely campaign.

Sponsored local geofilters: The option that is scalable down to a small business size, has proven to be quite effective, and starts at $5 per day. They are the perfect tool to engage and promote your brand organically.  


A small investment can go a fairly long way with snapchat local geofilters filters as they ultimately spread word of your brand organically, and within your target demographic. A few creative branding scenarios fit for these filters include the following:

Trade show: Create a geofilter with your company name and table number. The result? A conversation starter, and attraction to your spot in the show. 

Charity Event or Party: Create a custom geofilter that unites attendees, spreads news of the event in real time, and creating the allure of an inclusive experience.

Product Launch: Create a geofilter within the location of your storefront. This functions to entice prospective shoppers to check out the excitement as well as share their enthusiasm. 


 JPMorgan Chase & Co. launched sponsored geofilters across college campuses nearing graduation season in combination with running takeovers of college graduation and high school graduation. Through these Snap tactics they achieved 17 million impressions; 89% of those being high school students, college students and future graduates–their target demographic for the campaign. 

At first glance in its primary stages, Snapchat seemed too vast an app for marketing campaigns. How would you track and target your audience and integrate branding materials?

But with the necessary tools to execute wildly successful marketing campaigns through the app today, Snapchat marketing has proven to be trackable, scalable, and fun.