The Communication Tool of the 21st Century

If you have tried emails, group chats and other forms of communication for your company and you have struggled day by day trying to find that email that you sent John 2 months ago about a clients reference number and you just can’t find it, then Slack is for you. Slack lets teams communicate in one place without the stress of having 10 different type of applications on the go. 

For a while people have been complaining of how email has been getting worse over the past 12 years. Twelve years ago more than 50% of the emails were sent by another person, and now it is less than 10%. The other 90% is from machines that are sending email marketing, receipts, Facebook friends request, hotel check-ins and monthly statements. Slack keeps you away from the auto-bots that fill your inbox with spam and annoying discounts. 

There are a few applications out there that do similar things to slack, but none of them have the user experience and the ability to make it easy for anyone to use and interact with other. Below I will show you a few of the pros of using Slack that might make you want to use it.


  • You can turn of notifications for noisy groups and still keep it on for others.


  • You can play youtube videos, Sound Cloud tracks, and just about anything a normal browser can handle. You can also right click, inspect element, and change the css if something is really annoying you.


  • Slacks search is way better than HipChats, and other similar softwares. For example you can simply type “/s<query>” in the message box to search for something quickly. It even does canonicalazaiton , like “testing->tests”


  • Being as new as it is slack already provides a ton of integrations, such as Asana, Phabricator, PagerDuty, GitHub, Google Docs, Dropbox etc.


  • It seems incredibly polished for such a new product.


  • Slack has enough funding that it won’t be assimilated into a random company or close shop any time soon!

These are just a few of the amazing features that slack has to offer. 

After doing some research on how its competitors are doing I came across a few blogs that talk about how Slack might even eliminate email communications within business. The notification  section has been what has impressed most of the users because of how you can mute some of the groups while keeping others on. 

The only thing I can say is that it never hurts to try and if you have been struggling though the years with other applications that just don’t feel right, might as well give it a SHOT!