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Famous Fortunes: 15 NFT Marketing Strategies for promoting your NFTs to take your game to the next level

Below you’re gonna learn the 12 NFT Marketing Rocket Now Commandments and 3 Josh James NFT Marketing Affiliate Bounty Bonuses

If you are a creator of NFTs with an interest in getting more eyes on your work, then this article is for you. There are plenty of ways to promote your NFT projects and make them popular. You can livestream from your Facebook group or collaborate with other creators. You could also try offering exclusives to celebrities or influencers, creating an affiliate advertising program, or making a unique landing sales page for it. The sky’s the limit when it comes to promoting your NFTs!

This article is going to give you some insider info on What are NFTs and then I’m going to walk you through 15 Ways to market your NFT project that no one but people who read this article or who are clients or partners of ours are using, so get excited, get hyped, this will make some people a lot of money.

Ok What are NFTs?

I’m including this mini write up for all my friends who are new to NFTs or the NFT Marketplace and for all my friends who are NFT’aholics I know you could normally skip this and get to the good stuff, but to keep you maniacs from skipping past my exquisite opening paragraph, I have a killer hook for you:

I’m giving away an NFT insider industry secret in this explanation, that I only know this, and like no one knows this, due to sourcing out the number #1 blockchain lawyers in the world for a start up of mine, and that law firm connected me with their Canadian partners, who happen to be the same law firm that represents Dapper Labs, who if you don’t know who Dapper Labs is, Dapper is the creators of the original NFT contract for Ethereum that everyone uses to craft these atomic value bombs in the first place, they are the genius brand behind the biggest NFT collections on the planet, NBA Top Shots and CryptoKitties with many others in the pipeline. And you may have wondered how a little Canadian software company is able to partner with organizations as big as the NBA, the NBA!, and be their sole distributor! I know right, even I’m hooked into telling you guys about it.

Ok So first what is an NFT? An NFT is an acronym for Non-Fungible-Token, now what does that mean, well in computer science thats what we would call a database memory slot, it’s basically a little storage unit with a packet of information in it, and you can store whatever you want in there, like you could put an ebook in there (I pitched Jeff Bezos on NFT ebooks because I couldn’t find any on the major NFT marketplaces , and he did actually respond to me, and said he would forward it to their business guys, so now you guys know when/if Amazon NFT books happen- just remember that was literally my idea, but I just run a marketing agency so I’m not too worried about Amazons selling NFTs without me, or stealing all our NFT sales yet)


Anyways most people put a picture, or a video clip in these little storage boxes, and have limited quantities (Scarcity) and then the fact that the earlier you can buy it- the more people will find out about it after you, and the more the demand will go up because as with more attention the more value that has, and that pressure to make money and drive attention as it goes up in value (Urgency) creates the market for these golden database units that we have today.

Ok so that’s why they fetch such high value but why is the name so utterly random, Non Fungible Token, that’s like naming something R2-D2 or C3PO, and much like Star Wars- I’m happy to tell you, the more you know the cooler it gets, and the name NFT is unique to understanding what it is in the universe of blockchain and more importantly what it means to you as a possibly buyer or holder. It’s a legal masterpiece in fact. Tokens in every other form are usually categorized as unregulated currency, or worse unregistered illegal securities and every person denies that their special 100x investment isn’t one of those and the SEC will never crack down on their alt-coin crypto trading accounts 18 months from now- in fact you never know

(unless you know why Bitcoin is bulletproof from that- secret drop- Bitcoin won a court battle stating it wasn’t a security in California like back in 2012- so relax, I’m not a hater)

But you never know when those random digital assets may be or have been put on trial already (Like Ripple – XRP) and everyone involved may get a fine in the mail and that poor technology candle graph man- it will go from the arc of the century, just a full mooning back down into a cold flatline.. dun.. dun.. dun beeeeeeep.


This leads into what NF in NFT is, non-fungible makes NFTs legal, thats right LEGAL BABY. NFT’s are not a currency because they aren’t fungible (money by definition and according to the FINRA exception made by the Canada regulatory body in charge of monetary and financial policy declared for it to be a currency it has to be exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies, meaning you don’t even need to be registered with them- that knowledge is like putting a million dollar bill in your pocket- because normally to open a legal financial service business you have to pay FINRA for a million dollar license) and the bonus is you’re not getting shares of a company when you buy an NFT so again it’s not an illegal security either.


That’s right folks, Canada is the f***king promise land for NFTs, NFT marketing, launching an NFT, NFT partnerships, NFT collabs, NFT Marketplace, if you want to have your own legal digital asset that goes up to the moon, not down to the regulatory office and you have any interest in crypto right now, Canada is the NFT paradise. Dapper is partnered with the entire National Basketball Association because Canadian companies can handle our NFTs and eat em too. NFT is a beautiful acronym, it should stand for Noice Fortunes Today. Now what are you waiting for, let’s talk about how you can sell these bountiful gifts from the motherland. A note if you are a brand and wanting to launch your own NFT you need a Canadian partner, and we will connect you the best we know in the country that can deploy your NFT from Canada for a stake in the profits. Email us anytime of day or night at [email protected] or feel free to text or WhatsAPP us at +1-778-760-0329. We’re up making money 24/7 so hit send anytime.


How to use affiliate marketing for your NFT

Many people know that marketing their NFTs is a difficult and time consuming task. However, some methods are better than others for getting the word out.

Below are fifteen different strategies you can use to promote your products in order to take your game to the next level.

NFT Marketing Keystone #1 – Facebook Streaming

Make a unique Facebook Group and make sure to take advantage of the main growth features, such as Live-streaming, making deals with other group owners, joining other groups and answering questions and becoming a known quantity, having a powerful hook/headline with a link to your group on all your social profiles is how I know whether you’re listening or not.

NFT Marketing Keystone #2 – Level Yourself and Collab

You should be reaching out and collaborating with other creators around the same audience level, NFTs are not mutually exclusively in competition for buyers, often collectors in their audience and in your audience will end up buying more from both of you when you offer special exclusive NFT market collabs

NFT Marketing Keystone #3 – Tier Up and Collab

Once you are at a certain level, then you can start working on collaborating with the next tier and the next tier, and eventually you’ll be able to make deals with celebrities, brands or influencer exclusives

NFT Marketing Keystone #4 – The Unique Unification Theorem

You can stand out by offering unique features for your biggest supporters and early adopters, nothing creates a more powerful marketing initiative than rewarding your current top supporters, they’ll go out and sell for you like crazy when they are regularly acknowledged and rewarded for being part of the founding community, things like collection naming rights or personalizations to them or their business, random air drops with one off founders themes is like putting $1000 bucks a day of marketing dollars back in your pockets, because that’s how much those people are going to talk to their friends about it. Legit 10 people will ten 10 people. And something they’ll each ten 10 once they know you got their backs too.

NFT Marketing Keystone #5 – The New Blockchain Based Boost

You can be unique with your blockchain selection, and even offer different collections on different blockchains, often when you enter a new blockchain community its best to pick a unique theme for them and differentiate it properly, often airdropping those communities with a special “thanks for letting us join the community NFT” can be massive and will win you big points. There is so many to choose from, you’ve got like Avalanche, or Flow, or Ethereum or you can even port the NFT token contract to a blockchain that doesn’t support them yet then airdrop their community (that’s really next level, and a major marketing play backed by a lot of science, being the only one in a category, a location, or a platform is basically blue ocean territory and a good way to think about it is you can charge whatever you want for your lemonade when you’re the only lemonade stand in the Sahara and the next nearest water source is 100 miles away)

NFT Marketing Keystone #6 – Affiliate NFT Marketing by Rocket Now

Creating an affiliate advertising program, no one does this yet, it blows my mind, every single tech company on the planet has their own affiliate marketing program where they give a percent of the final sale to advertisers and promoters. If you want to blow up your NFT project, build an affiliate marketing program for your products, don’t even bother questioning this, you give us the right commission and we’ll sell 10 million a month for you, and you won’t have to do anything but pay us off the top (which is usually a fraction of what it would cost you to try advertising yourself). In fact STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW and listen up, if you need help launching an affiliate program, or want to do an exclusive performance based affiliate contract with us to take you to 10mill a month and beyond or just need a free hour with an expert to walk you our through our NFT marketing services and what they are, so you can get running with it, email us right now at [email protected] or fill in the contact form, and title it “Affiliate NFT Program” or just text or WhatsApp us at +1-778-760-0329 (we are up making money for people 24/7 and will hook you up with the latest and greatest as fast as you want to roll). In fact if you currently are listing your NFTs on NFT marketplaces and driving traffic to those, you are your own affiliate right now. We’re here to help you apply leverage and push it over drive, your own personal social media marketing can be a powerful lever, but imagine leveraging the rest of the internet while they are buying.

-**NFT Marketing Strategy 15 Sec Pause**-

Take a deep breath I know you’re excited, but don’t skip this step, I’ll telling you, you are gonna love what we can do together on this. We are a full service NFT marketing agency for NFT platforms, NFT Marketplaces, Digital Art, NFT business, NFT community, Marketing NFTs, we can help you Sell NFTs, do an NFT Drop, find more NFT Buyers and get them into your universe, NFT Launch, NFT Promotion, NFT Services, Trading NFTs, Sports NFTs, Create NFTs, Find Your NFT Audience, Build an NFT Platform, Open Up the NFT Space for your business, we are highly adept and skilled in NFT Marketing Strategies

I’m going to pause here for 5 secs to make sure you message us, your business is craving this next level, I’m telling you. If you have a business and want to invest in launching an exclusive NFT hit us up too, its one of the best promotionally viable tools out there right now and stacking NFTs in your offers is something no one is doing yet. First movers who have the resources and enough category understanding to dominate other players, always win big. But don’t wait because we can only handle so many new clients per month, and right now we’re down to 3 slots, and not an issue if you miss the slot, we can definitely get you in on the next cohort in a few weeks time.

Did you do it? 🙂

Now, phew, you did it, thank you so much for getting in touch, we will get back to you as fast as we can, and hopefully we can help blow you up through a properly executed NFT affiliate program. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited.

NFT Marketing Keystone #7 – Traffic Territory Affiliate Tactics

Now getting blog owners who are directing 90% of the Non Fungible Tokens search traffic to feature you front and center is a breeze, we’ll even do the outreach on your behalf or through our connections, because with a commission they have no hesitation in marketing it to their audience, this includes YouTubers Video Description, Twitch Streamers Chat Drops, Instagram Bios, everywhere you see those Amazon affiliate links, you know remember how I said every tech company on the planet has an affiliate program, well there’s your equivalent to a 100% accuracy statement by me on that fact.

NFT Marketing Keystone #8 – Email List Master Moves

Now with an affiliate program you could now make a unique landing sales page and be making deals to advertise it through other peoples email lists, I’d say half the people I know making over 100 million a year in revenue are doing like 60% of their sales through other peoples lists and getting new customers into their own value ladder from that. You need help with this let us know. I’ll even write you the perfect email using our powerful A.I. tools.

NFT Marketing Keystone #9 – Offer Stack Heaven

You can tie Non Fungible Tokens as bonuses to other companies products and many would be happy to have a free unique high value upsell for all their own offers, and this applies to all ecom guys, coaching guys, course guys, and anyone with a website or a sales funnel that takes it seriously.

NFT Marketing Keystone #10 – Ranking that I shouldn’t tell you about

Then you have your own website or sales funnel offers, you can use in combination with SurferSEO to rank content for NFT terms circling around your target audience, and that’s how this post got written in fact (70% of this article was just written using A.I. and then I’ll go back through it and jam it with topical keyword at volume). Thats right it took me about 13 mins to write this article that on average probably will take about 8mins to read.

NFT Marketing Keystone #11 – Retailer Flat Panel Push

Another cool idea, is with all the cash you’re making by applying the above ideas you can get crazy with your leverage, and you can be the first NFT or Digital NFT Platforms company to get them in local retail shops and grassroots build out your NFT Community, where you lease them a wall mounted lcd screen for displaying the collections on their wall or in their shop window, and when they sell one they get the customer email and send you the money and then you push it through to the customers wallet, or however the best technical process is, but don’t forget how powerful a blue ocean is, when you have no competition for attention, you win big. So stop fighting for the bottom in price wars to 0 or battling out for attention in a slew of identical marketing strategies that everyone in the red ocean is already using. Always be unique in your approach, and be confident in leveraging the working model of category designs and new territory opens up new category dominance.

NFT Marketing Keystone #12 – If there’s demand, is it really shilling??

Now we’re really getting deep, you can also just sell them to people you know, which is especially fun when you have generated so much market demand above, you know without a doubt, that you’re making your friends too much money at this point.

NFT Marketing Bounty Bonus #1 – The Ruff Life Rescues NFT

Another cool way, is a friend did this for hats, and I just saw a really cool NFT category all about benefiting the SPCA, when you can tie in supporting a good cause everybody wins.

Here’s a link to RLR and since we’re not investment advisors take this backlink as not investment advice: NFT best to Invest

NFT Marketing Bounty Bonus #2 – The Hue Hefner Universal Funnel

And I saved the best for last, no one knows how to do this for NFTs yet because there is no NFT affiliate programs yet, its the biggest affiliate marketing model on the planet, and if executed right can make you a million a day and if you drive those new customers into an entire universe of yours. They’ll buy from you for life, and you can scale your customer lifetime value from $150 to $250,000 with just a few marketing secrets.

NFT Marketing Keystone Bounty Bonus #3 – The NFT 2 Step by Rocket

Now if you want to 2-step advertise them directly through Google Ads or Facebook Ads just check out my other Cannabis marketing post from a few days ago, or drop us an email at [email protected], or text or WhatsApp us at +1-778-760-0329 – and again we only have 3 spots left for the month for new clients before we’re at capacity, so I wouldn’t wait even 1 more minute, we get booked out so fast nowadays, but again don’t worry if we do hit capacity we can likely get you on the next cohort next month, and thats only a few weeks away. NFT’s search volume is trending like no other right now and basically started a trajectory across the board that basically looks like most of my friends 2014 Tesla investments.

If you guys want more NFT content or our top picks from our blockchain mastermind group let me know by sharing this post and tagging us. And we’ll see. You. On the next one. Peace.


PS here is a nice irrelevant H2 Headline just to really boost our search rankings for NFT marketing

Marketing your unique NFT


PPS here is a nice juicy really irrelevant H3 Headline for one more bonus keyword dopamine hit for the Google crawler

Top 10 NFT Marketing Strategies, How to market Your newest NFTs

In this article, we’ve explored the basics of what a NFT is and why you should be interested in promoting them. We also provided some ways to market your own unique NFTs so that they can take off more quickly. If you have any questions or want help with anything feel free to reach out, we are a full service NFT marketing agency! Our team will be happy to provide consultations on how best promote your products online for success.

Rocket Now offers NFT marketing services at Your command. Wether you are just starting out launching your NFTs into NFT marketplaces or are looking for a more powerful NFT Marketing Strategies for your own NFT Marketplace, we can do everything you need except creating the actual Digital Art.

The unique Digital Artworks that really sell NFTs are really best done by Digital Artists or Digital Assets Specialist, so although we can connect you with NFT artists who can design the Digital Art Creations for you, our focus is on Digital Marketing and driving NFT sales.

In the Digital World of Distributed Ledgers it takes a team with insightful and dynamic thinking to go beyond just social media, or social media platforms, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, pr strategy, or community building.

Those are all red ocean strategies, and although we’re experts at those, it’s not what we usually do anymore, in order to create market depth, and align digital property and gain credibility with art lovers its not so simple a process to just generate buzz, create a few educational videos, do some link building, get organic visibility, build some brand awareness, drive customer engagement, push out press releases or even putting a particular NFT on a social media platform.

Have those worked for you in the past? Didn’t you come to this article expecting to find not another media outlets digital marketing strategies and their top 5 social media plays.

Or did you come for a more unique transaction process.. non fungible tokens are an evolution of sports trading cards, art collectors, and value investors, people trade their digital artwork and own entire nft collections as assets they hope to make money on, so if you can’t clearly show how your NFT will be worth more tomorrow than it is today than it’s very difficult.

From our experience the volume sales in just digital artworks sitting on a PC isn’t what you think it is, no one is going to respond to mass email marketing, social media noise or even most influencer marketing, the average pr strategy has no ROI, and even search engine optimization is so saturated that you are fighting for attention on every corner.

They are super saturated marketing strategies in this arena because 70% of the internet advertising platforms won’t allow anyone to directly market through them, so every turns to what they can do which already had low ROI.

So to hit the right target audience that understands digital ledger, non fungible tokens, the digital certificate model, you need more than a medium app, and access to a user’s mobile phone location.

Everything starts the same with leveraging user data, identifying gaps and taking the time to dial a buyer avatar, but something to remember, is creating a marketing strategy for your target audience is best done by giving them all the tools to do a proper economic analysis of your non fungible tokens and digital assets and bridge them into your value ladder and brand or persona universe.

Then when our models work for you, and you see heavy movement in your ROI in the moonward direction, thats when we can grow your universe and your other traffic sources through added efforts in the influencer marketing, social media, and email marketing departments, but those are just a small piece of the puzzle and you can lose a year working those and have a breakeven situation, we suggest you mostly just treat those as a 10% up or down optimization that you should lower your priority on until these other strategies start working for you. Social media can play a vital role if you know how to leverage your social media, or if you already have a big social media skillset or social media market pre-established then by all means thats a good place to focus, but if you don’t then you should probably be taking a path less travelled by all the big NFT players so you can carve out a bit of blue ocean for yourself.

Thanks again for making it this far, I really forced this last section to work with the topical context of what most people who are searching for help are expecting to find. So hope you have an awesome day, keep it rocking.

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Cannabis Marketing

For Handcuffed CEO’s and CMO’s, How to Market Your Cannabis Brands Online

Are you struggling to market your cannabis business online?

Have you gotten all your ads denied by the two biggest marketing engines on the planet?

Did you know that 50% of all online advertising dollars are spent with Google, 20% of all ads run online are spent through Facebook, and like 8% through Twitter.. That leaves you with only 22% of the entire internet to market your legalized, certified, and regulated goods.

Yesterday I was helping a new client after he had hit a final disparity level trying to run Ads on Google for his new business, I sympathized because he was just trying to get clients in the door at his location but he ran into a wall where he felt he had no options and needed my help.

I knew that the fastest way to solving his problem, was to first give him what he wanted first, which was getting natural search traffic. Then after that I knew he would be more open to understanding how I could give him what he actually needed to scale his business.

So we put it in hyperdrive, meta tagged and optimized his entire 150 item site overnight with the best A.I. copywriting tools there is, then crafted sales letter style articles for each of his product line categories and categorically optimized it to the topical context Google looks for in the latest algorithm. We managed to get him properly naturally indexed within 24hrs, and overnight he went form zero to 1, to 10, to 177 etc.

Anyways he wasn’t happy still, which I new would happen from the get go, because he wouldn’t trust there was something more powerful than websites. What is the missing link between 1 lead a day from your organic traffic to your site, and 10,000 leads that convert all day long? The answer I’m sure you know, is a Sales Funnel.

Now he still wasn’t ready, and again tried to run ads, and after getting rejected on Google over 6 times in a row, he said I can’t advertise what do I do. First thing is don’t let your name and credit card get hard banned from those platforms for trying to run restricted items.

Long story short, I began to educate him and his staff on why we use 2 Step Marketing and why 2 Step Marketing is allowed on every platform and works for almost any item. The problem was, after 2 hours of instructions, I realized that this is something that not only no one understands is possible, but also is something that could be holding back all my friends in the Cannabis industry. In fact I forget that the most valuable things (I know from experience) are weird backwards, and no one else is using them because it’s not common knowledge and is deemed illogical. Which is also why it works so well. If you use the same tools as everyone is, you’re going to get the same results as them, and end up right where you started. Out money, confused, frustrated, and left out to dry by these big companies.

So this is what inspired this post, this is our fully proven system, that I did not invent, this was literally taught to me by the best affiliate marketers in the world I know of, and reinforced by our own successes with it, Thou shall not 1 step market things.

So We wrote up a quick and powerful Christmas Gift for all our Cannabis friends having trouble marketing their legal products on the biggest platforms on the internet right now.

Google and Facebook are just trying to keep you from blowing up the Rodeo, in fact if you don’t know about Two-Step marketing, everything is below.

You’ve probably heard that Google Ads, YouTube, and Facebook are the best ways to advertise. But how do you use them without getting in trouble with the law and their platform? The truth is there are a lot of restrictions on marketing cannabis online. That’s why we created this figurative guide for people who want to learn how to market their products safely through these channels.

If you follow our advice, you won’t have any problems marketing your product effectively while staying within the confines of the law. And if something does go wrong – don’t worry! Our team has years of experience helping clients like yourself get back on track after an advertising snafu or two. Let us help keep your business safe so it can continue growing into a successful enterprise for years to come!

Click Here to Download the PDF for Free:
Download 2 Step Marketing


Marketing Style

Shopping for the right marketing company is a big problem, from price ambiguity to getting you results. Everyone has their own grandiose promise they want to pitch you on but few actually make the effort to create a personal connection and fewer still will have the talent and skill you require to leverage you and your company to the next level.

We created Rocket Now to position ourselves as the Desmond Llewelyn’s to the the Sean Connery’s. The Q’s to the James Bond’s. (Q is the genius inventor behind James Bond’s gadgets that enable 007 to save the world)

And whether we set you up to connect that extra 10 yards on the golf course, or our job is to keep everyone else distracted out in the water while you catch the next perfect wave. Rocket Now is all about designing your Marketing Style, which will open a path to your targets that you will want to experience, especially in the new omniscient electronic world.

It’s not just about getting there, it’s also about how you get there that will matter in the end.

To your customers, your style matters, they know your voice, and this builds trust and respect for your company. If you own your category or are starting a new one, Marketing Style design will be your new super power.

When you market your reputation is on the line, and your Marketing Style either hits its target like Mike Tyson on a speed bag, and your sales go through the roof, or it falls on death ears.. and you’re out dollars, and worse.. time..

Finding the right marketing company that truly cares about your journey as much as the destination is what Marketing Style design is all about.

You may have heard about the billions made from early Category Design, Experience Design, or many others, but let me introduce you to this new concept. Your Marketing Style.

Marketing Style design is a one of a kind concept we came up with to describe the success we were witnessing from clients at the top of their categories. In fact we think it’s so powerful that it is now our primary service, and we personally implement it. We only offer Marketing Style design to clients that we think we can align with, because ultimately it’s your story and we want to help you continue to delight your customers, and ultimately, get you more of them.

If you think we might be a good fit, or want our help developing your personal Marketing Style, book a free Marketing Style design consultation now and we’ll not only give you our best gadgets, but by the end of the call, the sports car will be running, the keys in the ignition, and everything will be ready for your next getaway.

Now go get em.

Blog Entrepreneurs

3 Vital Steps to Becoming a Coderpreneur

If you work in web development or programming, you may have heard the term “Coderpreneur” to describe someone with your skills working in an entrepreneurial fashion. Or, perhaps you’re already an entrepreneur and you’re considering adding a new skill set to your resume. Codepreneurs are advanced freelance professionals; they set up a small business, a website, and a brand based on their talents. Learn what you need to do to upgrade your skillset and your digital presence to become an in-demand Coderpreneur.


  1. Make Sure Your Skills and Credentials Are Up to Date

Some of the best coders learn on their own, or they got their start in a high school program. If you don’t have a professional degree in computer programming or a certificate that attests to your abilities, you may consider completing one to better sell yourself to customers. Another good idea is to create a professional, eye-catching portfolio of your work.


Give your new small business a name and incorporate it as a legal entity. This can save you legal fees in the future, give you limited liability, and increase payment flexibility. Use an online formation service to incorporate your business before trying to attract new clients.


  1. Market Yourself and Find a Niche

As a coder, you’ll experience high employability. Every business in the digital age, if it wants to keep up with the times, needs a good coder on staff (or at least on-call). Those with knowledge of how computers work may be called upon to fix website bugs, design a new interface, or correct cybersecurity issues before they become unfixable problems. If you’re good at what you do, you’ll never struggle to find open positions, but you may have a hard time getting hired if you don’t pitch yourself to new clients correctly.


You likely know how to make a personal website, but do you know how to market yourself and your skills? Focus on your narrative biography, your niche area — do you mostly work with small businesses and startups, or do you see yourself freelancing for larger corporations? — and your services. Your website should make it easy for potential clients to find you, understand what you can offer, and book a consultation or get in touch with you easily. If you’ve yet to create a website, or the one you have seen better days, then get in touch with Rocket, a results-oriented agency that can help you intelligently grow your business.


  1. Find Your First Client and Do a Great Job

Your first client may be a friend of a friend or someone you’ve found on a job board. As soon as you’ve found your client, make sure to consult with him or her to thoroughly understand what is needed of you. Communicate with your client throughout the job and deliver what you’ve promised.


Don’t forget to ask your client for a review when you’ve finished the job — but only if you’ve exceeded the expectations. Online reviews can make or break new businesses. According to Podium, a customer is more likely to trust you and even spend more money on your services if you have higher reviews.


If you’ve always wondered about starting a small business while relying on your skills as a professional coder to make money, venturing out as a Coderpreneur may be a great option for you and your future career. Remember to make your new business’s site easy to navigate, be willing to explain your services to potential clients, and build your brand by showcasing your work and telling your story on your website.

Marketing Tools

Top Marketing Resources and Tools of 2021

Marketing resources are essential for any company.

This includes traditional businesses looking to go online, existing digital companies, or any individual Internet marketer who wants to build an income from home.

However, with so many choices out there, which one is the most suitable?

Taking a closer look at the marketing software community, no shortages of options will come up in your research.

There are tools for creating websites, building sales funnels, and developing shopping carts so payment can be processed online.

While these are essential tools, the problem that many business owners face is that those products do not seem to be the most suitable for them.

That is why GrooveFunnels was created.

GrooveFunnels is a suite of online business tools designed for business owners, but without the complexity and the expensive price tag.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite, because GrooveFunnels is not only easy to use, it is also free.

Ever since taking the Internet marketing industry by storm in early 2020, GrooveFunnels has since become the number one platform in the game.

Now, to end the year in spectacular fashion, GrooveFunnels has just announced the launch of the Groove Magazine, dubbed the definitive marketing and business magazine.

The pages of the Groove Magazine will contain decades of entrepreneurial experience into each issue.

Not only that, but you will also have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the very best, straight from inside the virtual doors of their world-class internal marketing team.

This is why the team at GrooveFunnels are masters at what they do, revealing yet another million-dollar plan just in time to close off the year.

For those who are looking for the new best way to get started with the system, and be able to learn digital marketing directly from the very best Internet marketers in the world, now is the time to get started with GrooveFunnels.

Josh James

Seo Blog

Josh James and Rocket Now Deploy Crown Capital, an Investment Marketing Consulting Company

Through excellent partnership and key mentorship, Josh James has built solid enterprises and developed himself as a force to be reckoned with in the fund marketing space.

The entire business world has taken a new shift in the past few years to the online space. Many business opportunities and relationships begin online and grow into something big. Leveraging this booming platform in a one of a kind development, Josh James has joined forces with Rocket Now to form a one of a kind power house- Crown Capital. Crown Capital is the first of its kind, it’s a private equity marketing advisory company for funds looking to raise entirely from online leads. Crown Capital storms the market with goals to deploy strategic investment raising strategies using computer software advances that could yield amazing results for management teams looking to connect with accredited investors. 

Through excellent partnership and key mentorship, Josh James has built solid enterprises and developed himself as a force to be reckoned with in the fund marketing space. In 2014 Josh founded Rocket Now, and for 7 straight years, they have been leading the way in online growth management for investment vehicles. Rocket Now’s efforts have resulted in countless raises for the teams of many entrepreneurs, and investors that normally wouldn’t work together.

All of these beneficiaries have now come together with Josh to fuel this new venture, the Crown Capital. They are perfect for those looking to start a fund, have a fund, or looking for a deal flow. With a specialty in Investment Marketing, Josh James handles all of his core brands Crown Capital, Magari Group, and Rocket Acquisitions. 

Based in Kelowna BC, Canada Rocket Now answers the questions of digital marketing companies or brands may have. For brands looking to deploy capital into online advertising for specific goals or for those looking to raise funds, Rocket Now keeps providing elegant solutions with it’s unique strategies. 

With guidance from his team, advisors, investors, experts, and his family Josh James keeps blazing the trail. The benefits of online advertising for brands are endless, it’s highly effective in helping companies achieve their set out goals. With an effective and well-planned strategy, Josh has put a pin on digital marketing and is steadily yielding results for his investors and partners. Even though all of these are not widely publicized the effort of Josh James, Rocket Now Company has yielded tremendous positive results that led to growth for all of it’s investment clients. 

Seo Blog

Rocket Now Expands Search Offerings to Community Growth – Press Release

Online Community Building, Top Rated Search Engine Optimization in Canada, and Best in Class Digital Marketing for One of a Kind Entrepreneurs and their Businesses.

In the digital world of 2021, the internet has become our single most valuable investment vehicle. Exclusively-online companies are taking over almost every industry. If your business is one-of-a-kind, Rocket Now’s team of dedicated, passionate entrepreneurs are your perfect fit. Their offerings ensure that your customers recognize the products and services you have to offer and are educated to choose you over your competitors.

In a world of no, and maybe later, Rocket Now understands the necessity of innovation and quality ideas. Rocket’s campaign strategies work through simplicity and passion. Marketing management and Search Engine Optimization are only worth the results they deliver. If your system isn’t working, or you hire someone who isn’t on it, you could waste valuable time and money.

Rocket Now’s mission is not only to enhance company growth through a unique offering of online community building in Canada, but they also offer to train you to continue producing your envisioned results. Regardless of your brand’s current stage in the online market, their team is committed to guiding you on your path toward success.

The Rocket team maintains several areas of expertise. Their primary services include pay-per-click and search engine advertising, online community establishment, off page search engine optimization and content marketing. Rocket Now offers all of the needed metrics that your brand needs to drive long-term, legitimate ROI.


Top marketing agencies

The top marketing agencies..

That’s tough. The whole agency model is so insanely oversaturated like there’s so many small-mid size agencies making outlandish claims that it’s become really difficult to know which ones are actually industry leaders.

I think finding true answers regarding that would require some rabbit hole digging through twitter and sifting through people you personally trust and who they are engaging with over time. That’s the only reliable way to know who is actually winning in the industry.

There’s a small % of superstar agencies that thrive because they essentially monopolize audiences. And most of the ones that do that are based in NY, Silicon Valley, areas where they leverage their network and have plentiful of networking opportunities. Beyond that subset, I felt like it was time to make a real list.

I’ll start by putting it together for you. I’m gonna include my top picks then some links to ranking lists. I think it’s hard to just list off the “top 5 agencies” because there’s just so much variability between agencies now. Considering the vast differences in what niches they can specialize in, the budget sizes they deal with, etc

Also another factor, especially in the bigger cities the reason why there can be so many different “top agencies” that are all doing well is because they tend to have a more collaborative environment with each other rather than directly competing. And a big reason why most of them are willing to collaborate is because being in a big city where there’s so many different agencies it forces you to niche down to a very specific specialization. 

So you’ll get tons of agencies but they all prioritize things slightly differently. They all pretty much do the same thing, or are capable of doing the same thing, but for their own marketability they create a very niched down brand story.

Notable Top Marketing Agencies

Rocket Rocket hyper focuses specifically on Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. We’ll be the best fit for your business if you’re at the stage where you already have a product, business or business idea. We’re great at growing from 0 to 1, from 10 to 1000, or 50,000 to 60,000. Our favourite projects are the ones where we fit exactly into your marketing journey. Don’t wait, contact us today and we’d be more than happy to prepare a proposal to show you how we can help with your growth at any stage.

Note: Rocket only does 1 company per market and never crosses swords in your geo-location as our competitive nature is your best edge and we never want to water down our services.

The Futur Creative agency based in California that has a really solid social media presence and highly educational youtube channel. For example a pretty amazing resource here with tons of material solely dedicated to value based pricing and optimally pricing your services

Vayner Media Have to include Vayner as they are obviously an industry leader in social media

Blind Amazing brand strategy agency that I had to include here. They are absolute beasts.

Lists of Top Marketing Agencies

For lists of agencies that can be edited and refined down to either very specific, or broad parameters, and Agency spotters are both good resources.


Modern sales for the distinguished salesperson

How I grew a marketing agency from 0 to 5 Clients in one weekend during the pandemic.

Content Marketing, with barely a $1000 bill in my pocket to do so, during the pandemic– I managed to find a way to opportunize on the situation over a weekend and I want to help you do the same.

Why don’t we start with the big question, why did I want to power up my Marketing Company – Rocket Now – and why was it not as active as it was.

Let’s just say my other ideas normally pay better and are less time consuming.

Long story short, in order to fund our other projects, we needed capital, and since we used to be marketing entrepreneurs, we thought: “let’s focus on the business we know we are successful at so we can pay for the help we need on our other projects”

Well, that mindset changed pretty quickly once we got the ball rolling. Boy do we love marketing, we had forgotten how much we loved that challenge.


Tip #1: Make sure you are up to date with the latest. Don’t go back in cold. Come back in hot and ready to help clients succeed.

For us that meant updating to the latest, I’ve been in professional online marketing for over 12 years and I still took several courses to completion to educate myself on any changes before even talking to a single client.

If you’re going to be doing content marketing like this, I highly recommend you take this course before doing anything:

Let’s be clear, a year of trial of error went it before we figured out how to get clients in one weekend.


Tip #2: Start with who you know. Make sure everyone knows you’re in the game, back in the game, or reachable online with your business.

Now, open up a new browser window and start finding the groups you want to promote in. Yes, sorry to tell you, direct Pay Per Click (PPC) doesn’t work anymore.

Hopefully that statement will save you from losing a shirt on PPC. Plan to create one great piece of unique content that reflects your business over the next week, make it unique, and interesting, period. Don’t worry about your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) just yet and never worry about your volume. You want to be marketing the content, not your product or service directly, it’s become a 3 stage process. Create great content, market it to the right people, optimize it for conversions.

Content marketing is not new, but we all need to promote more than we realize.

We also need to be ok tailoring our content for the perfect customer.

Great content shines in todays market and you need to create content that is in alignment with your audiences pain points (everyday challenges) even if that means “levelling” your content to a higher expertise level. This is where we can help you, Rocket Now can help you align your product or service with demand.


Create 1 unique brilliant piece of content for your target customer every month that will help them with some pain point or challenge they are having and develop a long-term strategy off of that. You have people to reach out to with questions on their pain points, now is the time to do so, that will get your creative juices flowing. To assist you in that, start with who you are and what your business can do for them and learn from your customs what problems they are having. That’s what you need to align with and write about the solutions. The solutions are what people will search for, and if you are the one providing them with the right solutions, guess what, they’ll convert over time.

Great content designed for your specific client hits hard.


From what we’ve learned in trial and error, this content has to hit smarter than your ideal clients expertise level.

It’s an amazing thing to think about, if this content actually hits at a smarter level than what you’d normally be reading you’ll likely reach out to us. We do professional online digital marketing and optimizing your content for search is one thing, but we also optimize for conversions. We’ll work with your feedback, as you know your business, and use that feedback to dramatically grow your business.

Our goal will be to align with your market, open doors, and start long term relationship building content for your audience. The more you succeed the more we succeed.


So, who do we write these blog posts for: namely our clients and you.

We want to help you align with demand, find customers and drive real revenue from online.

That can only be done with the support, feedback and trust of each and every single one of you. Rocket now loves what we do. In breathing life into the company again we realized we missed our passion project. Helping you grow your dreams is as good as growing ours, so we’re always here to help you on your journey.

You’re an expert in closing deals, we ‘re experts at opening them.


Snapchat Marketing 101

We’ve seen Snapchat grow exponentially from photo to video, to interactive filters and advertisements. Today, the app harnesses an array of innovative branding opportunities–going way beyond your teen’s palm. 

Why should you consider Snapchat as a marketing tool for your business? Over 150 million people use snapchat. Every day. The app also provides trackable results, geographic targeting, and prices that work with almost every style, and size of business. Moreover, an interactive platform like Snapchat enables your target market to actually play with your campaign, rather than simply stare at it. 


The options are all over the map; below we organized an overview of a few. 

Video Ads: These mobile video ads run on the app starting at a cost per campaign of $10,000 per month, in ad spend. Not cheap, but a classic and effective method of advertising that functions similar to YouTube advertisements. 

Sponsored lenses: This interactive advertising option starts at $450,000 per day. It’s something users get excited about, and play with (trust us). 

Nationwide sponsored geofilters: Starting at $500 000 per day, these geofilters snag everyone in your target geographic location, prompting them to interact with your brand through an exciting new filter they haven’t seen before. 

Snapchat discover: These are the ads that are placed at the top of the app feed screen. Users can scroll through them at their leisure, like they do their snap stories. These cost $50 000 per day to run. 

Snap to unlock: Brands put the codes, which look like Snapchat logos, on billboards, in stores or on products for people to scan. The price of this advertising fluctuates but runs slightly above that of sponsored local geofilters. An affordable, creative branding option fit for a timely campaign.

Sponsored local geofilters: The option that is scalable down to a small business size, has proven to be quite effective, and starts at $5 per day. They are the perfect tool to engage and promote your brand organically.  


A small investment can go a fairly long way with snapchat local geofilters filters as they ultimately spread word of your brand organically, and within your target demographic. A few creative branding scenarios fit for these filters include the following:

Trade show: Create a geofilter with your company name and table number. The result? A conversation starter, and attraction to your spot in the show. 

Charity Event or Party: Create a custom geofilter that unites attendees, spreads news of the event in real time, and creating the allure of an inclusive experience.

Product Launch: Create a geofilter within the location of your storefront. This functions to entice prospective shoppers to check out the excitement as well as share their enthusiasm. 


 JPMorgan Chase & Co. launched sponsored geofilters across college campuses nearing graduation season in combination with running takeovers of college graduation and high school graduation. Through these Snap tactics they achieved 17 million impressions; 89% of those being high school students, college students and future graduates–their target demographic for the campaign. 

At first glance in its primary stages, Snapchat seemed too vast an app for marketing campaigns. How would you track and target your audience and integrate branding materials?

But with the necessary tools to execute wildly successful marketing campaigns through the app today, Snapchat marketing has proven to be trackable, scalable, and fun.