How to be #1 on Google - Part 1

When I first started using the internet (around 2004) there was not a substantial difference when using Ask, AOL, Bing, Google or Yahoo search engines. Nowadays, Google’s search engine has surpassed 1,000,000,000 unique monthly visitors. This is 3 times more than Bing, the second top search engine, with an estimate of over 350,000,000 monthly visitors. 

From the paragraph above we can now see why Google is the one and only search engine that startups should look at when trying to achieve a high overall ranking on search engines. The goal is to achieve the #1 spot out of the top 10 on the first page of Google’s organic search

Rocket Acquisitions Inc. has carefully studied, weighed and analyzed every known factor that influences website search rankings. Thus the aim of these articles is to reveal the key steps one needs to take in order to climb the precarious ladder that Google has built around its algorithms.


Now you know where this article is heading, lets first begin with some tips and trick on how to improve your page rank on Google so that you can start competing for those top spots you thought were never possible.

10 steps to improve Page Rank On Google

1. Find the cost of the your top 10 keywords:

- Researching competitors is vital in order to understand who you are going against and also to see which keywords you can afford and which you can not.  

2. Prepare a well designed link building plan:

- Building a well structured plan of approach is 50% of the way to success. Starting without a well thought out plan and tackling the activities as you feel like it, will lead to confusion and frustration. Poor planning can, and most likely will lead to harming your page rank on the Google search network.

3. “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”- Build links gradually and steadily:

- After you have created a detailed and well organized link building plan, you can start building backlinks. HOLD UP! This doesn’t mean SPAMMING as many backlinks as you can in a day, right after you have finished your building plan. You need to preform link building slow and steady so that it looks natural to Google’s Algorithmic Crawlers.

-  tips: 

  •      build no more the 5 backlinks per day.
  •     start campaign backlinks in low Page Rank websites (PR1-PR4)
  •      in 1-2 months start backlinks in higher Page Ranks websites (PR5-PR7)

4. Get backlinks with different, unique anchor texts & different keywords:

- Always acquire links for different, unique anchor texts.

  •      ex: Your keyword is ‘Inbound Marketing’ and you’re providing services for LA business         owners, then your anchor text could look like this:

        - Inbound Marketing Services in LA

        - LA Inbound Marketing

        - Inbound Marketing for LA customers

- 1/4 of your anchors should include the URL

- 1/4 of your anchors should include brand name or domain name

- Lastly, In order for your campaign to look natural you need to use multiple different keywords in your backlinks. 

5. Surround your links with content:

- Always try and surround your links with rich content. Links that are surrounded with content look more natural to Google. Preferably try and include your targeted keywords in order to add power to your backlinks.

For now, these are a few of the tips and tricks that you can use in order to improve your page rank on Google. Next week I will post the remaining 6-10 Steps. Enjoy site linking!

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