How to be #1 on Google - Part 2

Three weeks ago I posted 5 out of 10 steps that will help you improve your page rank on Google’s organic search. Today I will show the  5 key remaining steps.

6. Get backlinks from pages with various Google PageRank

 The main objective here is to get backlinks from websites in order to improve your rank. the only problem is that Google could seem suspicious if you are trying to cheat the system by getting back links from only high page ranks which are worth more. This is why your backlinks have to come from web pages with different google page ranks. Moreover, most of your links should come from PR0 and PR1 so that it looks natural for Googles algorithms, and only 10 %should come from PR4 or higher.

7. 20% of links should point to the inner pages of your website

These means that  80% of your links should point to the homepage, and thus 20% should point to the inner pages of your website (ex: blogs, contact info). This rule is important specially if your site has many webpages. Research shows that sites that have backlinks pointing to all pages within the website have a much better ranking on google than those that have all backlinks pointing only to the home page.

8. You won’t rank high without on-page optimization

Today Google is not what it was before. Off- page optimization (backlinks) are not enough to rank high on Google. You will NEVER get in the top 10 if you do not implement the right on-page SEO. 
Make sure to follow these steps:

  • Create 50 pages with unique content with an average of 500 words per page. The more    content the better; as long as it is relevant.
  • Make sure that the website has unique content and it gets constant update and maintenance. 
  • Eliminate repetitive content and duplicates.
  • Create a sitemap and upload it to Google.
  • Lastly optimize website for targeted keywords.

9. Make sure you are doing link building right way!

Use an SEO calculator to find out the number of links you need in order to make it to the Top 10. This step is necessary before deciding how your campaign is performing. If this is not done then you will not be able to outrank your competitors since you will not know where they stands (what their PR is and the amount of backlinks they have).

10. Lastly, track your backlink results the proper way and have reasonable expectations

After following all these steps, expect to see your PR improve from link building, but not the traffic increase. There will not be any traffic increase even if you go from position #700 to #9 on Google since only the three fist spots get significant traffic. Making quick assumptions from your PR is one of the most common mistakes you will make when observing the changes of rank your page makes. Be patient, if you follow these steps, Googles Top 10 spots will come.