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Delivering real buyers so you spend more time closing sales and less time knocking on doors. You know how to close we know how to open..

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Automated Lead Scoring Using Marketing AI with Business Intelligence improves campaigns in the moment

  • Strategic tracking and machine learning gives us the ability to execute strategic campaigns for less than it costs o market your local block.
  • Data analytics delivered to your own personal dashboard so you can make critical business decisions in the moment that matters
  • A / B Testing and User Research Has never been easier and thus the competition is equally forcing our systems to level up to a more humanized marketing approach..
  • Launch multichannel marketing initiatives across every platform your target is on. Internal testing has shown that at touchpoint 14 in the sales process the conversion rates go up by over 600%, and the majority of sales will occur between touchpoint 12-15.
  • Matching leads to accounts and automating your sales team with more leads than they can handle is what this service is all about.
  • Putting it all together, if you don’t see results within 30 days then we guarantee a forty percent refund to any and all clientele

Learn How we Unlock the power of AI, ML, combined with Real Humanized Touch Points

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Xiao Hong Tien
Xiao Hong Tien
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It was a pleasure working with such a professional who always went above and beyond to deliver results. Grateful to team up with such a leading agency in AI and ML..
Zhen Lei
Zhen Lei
Top Marketer
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Growth marketing by Rocket Now helped our client to achieve sustainable growth and long-term success.
Greg L. Diaz
Greg L. Diaz
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Performance marketing strategy executed by Rocket Now led to a 50% increase in ROI month over month. Marketing Management consulting by Rocket Now helped our client to streamline the process and algorithmic fill our pipes.