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Josh James and Rocket Now Deploy Crown Capital, an Investment Marketing Consulting Company

Through excellent partnership and key mentorship, Josh James has built solid enterprises and developed himself as a force to be reckoned with in the fund marketing space.

The entire business world has taken a new shift in the past few years to the online space. Many business opportunities and relationships begin online and grow into something big. Leveraging this booming platform in a one of a kind development, Josh James has joined forces with Rocket Now to form a one of a kind power house- Crown Capital. Crown Capital is the first of its kind, it’s a private equity marketing advisory company for funds looking to raise entirely from online leads. Crown Capital storms the market with goals to deploy strategic investment raising strategies using computer software advances that could yield amazing results for management teams looking to connect with accredited investors. 

Through excellent partnership and key mentorship, Josh James has built solid enterprises and developed himself as a force to be reckoned with in the fund marketing space. In 2014 Josh founded Rocket Now, and for 7 straight years, they have been leading the way in online growth management for investment vehicles. Rocket Now’s efforts have resulted in countless raises for the teams of many entrepreneurs, and investors that normally wouldn’t work together.

All of these beneficiaries have now come together with Josh to fuel this new venture, the Crown Capital. They are perfect for those looking to start a fund, have a fund, or looking for a deal flow. With a specialty in Investment Marketing, Josh James handles all of his core brands Crown Capital, Magari Group, and Rocket Acquisitions. 

Based in Kelowna BC, Canada Rocket Now answers the questions of digital marketing companies or brands may have. For brands looking to deploy capital into online advertising for specific goals or for those looking to raise funds, Rocket Now keeps providing elegant solutions with it’s unique strategies. 

With guidance from his team, advisors, investors, experts, and his family Josh James keeps blazing the trail. The benefits of online advertising for brands are endless, it’s highly effective in helping companies achieve their set out goals. With an effective and well-planned strategy, Josh has put a pin on digital marketing and is steadily yielding results for his investors and partners. Even though all of these are not widely publicized the effort of Josh James, Rocket Now Company has yielded tremendous positive results that led to growth for all of it’s investment clients. 

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Rocket Now Expands Search Offerings to Community Growth – Press Release

Online Community Building, Top Rated Search Engine Optimization in Canada, and Best in Class Digital Marketing for One of a Kind Entrepreneurs and their Businesses.

In the digital world of 2021, the internet has become our single most valuable investment vehicle. Exclusively-online companies are taking over almost every industry. If your business is one-of-a-kind, Rocket Now’s team of dedicated, passionate entrepreneurs are your perfect fit. Their offerings ensure that your customers recognize the products and services you have to offer and are educated to choose you over your competitors.

In a world of no, and maybe later, Rocket Now understands the necessity of innovation and quality ideas. Rocket’s campaign strategies work through simplicity and passion. Marketing management and Search Engine Optimization are only worth the results they deliver. If your system isn’t working, or you hire someone who isn’t on it, you could waste valuable time and money.

Rocket Now’s mission is not only to enhance company growth through a unique offering of online community building in Canada, but they also offer to train you to continue producing your envisioned results. Regardless of your brand’s current stage in the online market, their team is committed to guiding you on your path toward success.

The Rocket team maintains several areas of expertise. Their primary services include pay-per-click and search engine advertising, online community establishment, off page search engine optimization and content marketing. Rocket Now offers all of the needed metrics that your brand needs to drive long-term, legitimate ROI.


Top marketing agencies

The top marketing agencies..

That’s tough. The whole agency model is so insanely oversaturated like there’s so many small-mid size agencies making outlandish claims that it’s become really difficult to know which ones are actually industry leaders.

I think finding true answers regarding that would require some rabbit hole digging through twitter and sifting through people you personally trust and who they are engaging with over time. That’s the only reliable way to know who is actually winning in the industry.

There’s a small % of superstar agencies that thrive because they essentially monopolize audiences. And most of the ones that do that are based in NY, Silicon Valley, areas where they leverage their network and have plentiful of networking opportunities. Beyond that subset, I felt like it was time to make a real list.

I’ll start by putting it together for you. I’m gonna include my top picks then some links to ranking lists. I think it’s hard to just list off the “top 5 agencies” because there’s just so much variability between agencies now. Considering the vast differences in what niches they can specialize in, the budget sizes they deal with, etc

Also another factor, especially in the bigger cities the reason why there can be so many different “top agencies” that are all doing well is because they tend to have a more collaborative environment with each other rather than directly competing. And a big reason why most of them are willing to collaborate is because being in a big city where there’s so many different agencies it forces you to niche down to a very specific specialization. 

So you’ll get tons of agencies but they all prioritize things slightly differently. They all pretty much do the same thing, or are capable of doing the same thing, but for their own marketability they create a very niched down brand story.

Notable Top Marketing Agencies

Rocket Rocket hyper focuses specifically on Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. We’ll be the best fit for your business if you’re at the stage where you already have a product, business or business idea. We’re great at growing from 0 to 1, from 10 to 1000, or 50,000 to 60,000. Our favourite projects are the ones where we fit exactly into your marketing journey. Don’t wait, contact us today and we’d be more than happy to prepare a proposal to show you how we can help with your growth at any stage.

Note: Rocket only does 1 company per market and never crosses swords in your geo-location as our competitive nature is your best edge and we never want to water down our services.

The Futur Creative agency based in California that has a really solid social media presence and highly educational youtube channel. For example a pretty amazing resource here with tons of material solely dedicated to value based pricing and optimally pricing your services

Vayner Media Have to include Vayner as they are obviously an industry leader in social media

Blind Amazing brand strategy agency that I had to include here. They are absolute beasts.

Lists of Top Marketing Agencies

For lists of agencies that can be edited and refined down to either very specific, or broad parameters, and Agency spotters are both good resources.


Modern sales for the distinguished salesperson

How I grew a marketing agency from 0 to 5 Clients in one weekend during the pandemic.

Content Marketing, with barely a $1000 bill in my pocket to do so, during the pandemic– I managed to find a way to opportunize on the situation over a weekend and I want to help you do the same.

Why don’t we start with the big question, why did I want to power up my Marketing Company – Rocket Now – and why was it not as active as it was.

Let’s just say my other ideas normally pay better and are less time consuming.

Long story short, in order to fund our other projects, we needed capital, and since we used to be marketing entrepreneurs, we thought: “let’s focus on the business we know we are successful at so we can pay for the help we need on our other projects”

Well, that mindset changed pretty quickly once we got the ball rolling. Boy do we love marketing, we had forgotten how much we loved that challenge.


Tip #1: Make sure you are up to date with the latest. Don’t go back in cold. Come back in hot and ready to help clients succeed.

For us that meant updating to the latest, I’ve been in professional online marketing for over 12 years and I still took several courses to completion to educate myself on any changes before even talking to a single client.

If you’re going to be doing content marketing like this, I highly recommend you take this course before doing anything:

Let’s be clear, a year of trial of error went it before we figured out how to get clients in one weekend.


Tip #2: Start with who you know. Make sure everyone knows you’re in the game, back in the game, or reachable online with your business.

Now, open up a new browser window and start finding the groups you want to promote in. Yes, sorry to tell you, direct Pay Per Click (PPC) doesn’t work anymore.

Hopefully that statement will save you from losing a shirt on PPC. Plan to create one great piece of unique content that reflects your business over the next week, make it unique, and interesting, period. Don’t worry about your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) just yet and never worry about your volume. You want to be marketing the content, not your product or service directly, it’s become a 3 stage process. Create great content, market it to the right people, optimize it for conversions.

Content marketing is not new, but we all need to promote more than we realize.

We also need to be ok tailoring our content for the perfect customer.

Great content shines in todays market and you need to create content that is in alignment with your audiences pain points (everyday challenges) even if that means “levelling” your content to a higher expertise level. This is where we can help you, Rocket Now can help you align your product or service with demand.


Create 1 unique brilliant piece of content for your target customer every month that will help them with some pain point or challenge they are having and develop a long-term strategy off of that. You have people to reach out to with questions on their pain points, now is the time to do so, that will get your creative juices flowing. To assist you in that, start with who you are and what your business can do for them and learn from your customs what problems they are having. That’s what you need to align with and write about the solutions. The solutions are what people will search for, and if you are the one providing them with the right solutions, guess what, they’ll convert over time.

Great content designed for your specific client hits hard.


From what we’ve learned in trial and error, this content has to hit smarter than your ideal clients expertise level.

It’s an amazing thing to think about, if this content actually hits at a smarter level than what you’d normally be reading you’ll likely reach out to us. We do professional online digital marketing and optimizing your content for search is one thing, but we also optimize for conversions. We’ll work with your feedback, as you know your business, and use that feedback to dramatically grow your business.

Our goal will be to align with your market, open doors, and start long term relationship building content for your audience. The more you succeed the more we succeed.


So, who do we write these blog posts for: namely our clients and you.

We want to help you align with demand, find customers and drive real revenue from online.

That can only be done with the support, feedback and trust of each and every single one of you. Rocket now loves what we do. In breathing life into the company again we realized we missed our passion project. Helping you grow your dreams is as good as growing ours, so we’re always here to help you on your journey.

You’re an expert in closing deals, we ‘re experts at opening them.


Snapchat Marketing 101

We’ve seen Snapchat grow exponentially from photo to video, to interactive filters and advertisements. Today, the app harnesses an array of innovative branding opportunities–going way beyond your teen’s palm. 

Why should you consider Snapchat as a marketing tool for your business? Over 150 million people use snapchat. Every day. The app also provides trackable results, geographic targeting, and prices that work with almost every style, and size of business. Moreover, an interactive platform like Snapchat enables your target market to actually play with your campaign, rather than simply stare at it. 


The options are all over the map; below we organized an overview of a few. 

Video Ads: These mobile video ads run on the app starting at a cost per campaign of $10,000 per month, in ad spend. Not cheap, but a classic and effective method of advertising that functions similar to YouTube advertisements. 

Sponsored lenses: This interactive advertising option starts at $450,000 per day. It’s something users get excited about, and play with (trust us). 

Nationwide sponsored geofilters: Starting at $500 000 per day, these geofilters snag everyone in your target geographic location, prompting them to interact with your brand through an exciting new filter they haven’t seen before. 

Snapchat discover: These are the ads that are placed at the top of the app feed screen. Users can scroll through them at their leisure, like they do their snap stories. These cost $50 000 per day to run. 

Snap to unlock: Brands put the codes, which look like Snapchat logos, on billboards, in stores or on products for people to scan. The price of this advertising fluctuates but runs slightly above that of sponsored local geofilters. An affordable, creative branding option fit for a timely campaign.

Sponsored local geofilters: The option that is scalable down to a small business size, has proven to be quite effective, and starts at $5 per day. They are the perfect tool to engage and promote your brand organically.  


A small investment can go a fairly long way with snapchat local geofilters filters as they ultimately spread word of your brand organically, and within your target demographic. A few creative branding scenarios fit for these filters include the following:

Trade show: Create a geofilter with your company name and table number. The result? A conversation starter, and attraction to your spot in the show. 

Charity Event or Party: Create a custom geofilter that unites attendees, spreads news of the event in real time, and creating the allure of an inclusive experience.

Product Launch: Create a geofilter within the location of your storefront. This functions to entice prospective shoppers to check out the excitement as well as share their enthusiasm. 


 JPMorgan Chase & Co. launched sponsored geofilters across college campuses nearing graduation season in combination with running takeovers of college graduation and high school graduation. Through these Snap tactics they achieved 17 million impressions; 89% of those being high school students, college students and future graduates–their target demographic for the campaign. 

At first glance in its primary stages, Snapchat seemed too vast an app for marketing campaigns. How would you track and target your audience and integrate branding materials?

But with the necessary tools to execute wildly successful marketing campaigns through the app today, Snapchat marketing has proven to be trackable, scalable, and fun.


A/B Testing: The art of perfecting your conversion rate

What is A/B testing?

Think of A/B testing as an experiment; wherein two versions of a webpage or app are compared against each other to determine which one performs better. This practice can also be utilized for sales emails, or search ads. Despite being tedious at times, A/B testing is the ultimate way to pinpoint the best digital marketing strategies for your business.

How it works

A/B testing can be understood through a series of steps, pertaining to the page/ marketing material you’re testing:

Examine Current Data

Construct a Hypothesis

Test your Hypothesis

Analyze Test Data and Make Appropriate Changes

A/B testing is separated into two categories: on-sight testing or off-sight testing. For off-site testing, you’d be looking at ads or emails. Testing your sales emails is a simple off-sight A/B test to begin with. This is done by simply sending out two versions of a sales email to your list (randomly selecting which half gets which email), and then tracking which one converts better. The version that converts better, becomes the template for the one email you send to your list next time–copy-wise, design-wise etc.

For on-sight testing, you’d be looking at the sales-related pieces of your website. Think headlines, links, images, call to action buttons, ad copy, etc., the result of this test being your champion page; the final landing page with the most success, that stays put. 

Select a tool

You’re going to want to select a good tool to help you perform your a/b website testing. Some examples to try include Visual Website Optimizer or Five Second Test. Getting a little help means you can spend your time honing the quality of your content, rather than figuring out the technical stuff.

Know your baseline

You should already know the current results you’re getting from the content you’re looking to test. And as well as testing option A against B, you want to know that whichever one does better in the test is also doing better than your current results

A/B testing is a good way to keep out of the dark, digitally, in terms of how your business is attracting leads. With a few tests you’ll be able to figure out what is working–or not, and why. Maybe you just want to try something new, but aren’t sure how to evaluate if its successful. Whatever the reason, A/B testing can seriously improve your bottom line (so go for it).


How to be #1 on Google Part 2

Three weeks ago I posted 5 out of 10 steps that will help you improve your page rank on Google’s organic search. Today I will show the  5 key remaining steps.


 The main objective here is to get backlinks from websites in order to improve your rank. the only problem is that Google could seem suspicious if you are trying to cheat the system by getting back links from only high page ranks which are worth more. This is why your backlinks have to come from web pages with different google page ranks. Moreover, most of your links should come from PR0 and PR1 so that it looks natural for Googles algorithms, and only 10 %should come from PR4 or higher.


These means that  80% of your links should point to the homepage, and thus 20% should point to the inner pages of your website (ex: blogs, contact info). This rule is important specially if your site has many webpages. Research shows that sites that have backlinks pointing to all pages within the website have a much better ranking on google than those that have all backlinks pointing only to the home page.


Today Google is not what it was before. Off- page optimization (backlinks) are not enough to rank high on Google. You will NEVER get in the top 10 if you do not implement the right on-page SEO. 
Make sure to follow these steps:

  • Create 50 pages with unique content with an average of 500 words per page. The more    content the better; as long as it is relevant.
  • Make sure that the website has unique content and it gets constant update and maintenance. 
  • Eliminate repetitive content and duplicates.
  • Create a sitemap and upload it to Google.
  • Lastly optimize website for targeted keywords.


Use an SEO calculator to find out the number of links you need in order to make it to the Top 10. This step is necessary before deciding how your campaign is performing. If this is not done then you will not be able to outrank your competitors since you will not know where they stands (what their PR is and the amount of backlinks they have).


After following all these steps, expect to see your PR improve from link building, but not the traffic increase. There will not be any traffic increase even if you go from position #700 to #9 on Google since only the three fist spots get significant traffic. Making quick assumptions from your PR is one of the most common mistakes you will make when observing the changes of rank your page makes. Be patient, if you follow these steps, Googles Top 10 spots will come.


How to dominate the olympics and attain long-term global (athletic) supremacy

So you are a relatively new country, or maybe~ an old one (don’t worry this is a national-discriminate-free-zone), and you’ve been sucking pretty hard at the Summer Olympics for the past 4 – 14 decades. Global Warming’s a thing and you’re saying; “We wanna be rocking it in time for the 2nd Cold War (CW2).”

Well guess what baby?


Usain Bolt of Jamaica - Winning Gold 200m [Source: Patrick Smith/Getty Images]

Welcome to the All-Inclusive Strategic Executive Online Course: 

How to dominate the summer olympics (as a nation) via accumulative medal count and establish global superiority in time for CW2; a brief analysis of costs and expected value.

PDF version now conveniently available through your browser

(File > Print > Change Destination to: Save As PDF > Print)

In simpler terms;


|| Dominate 25 Consecutive Summer Olympics as a Nation || ;


|| highest total olympic medals &&(as well as the) highest total gold medals || ;

if (total wins is equal to or greater than 25) {

Send to: “[email protected]”; 

Print: “Winner, Winner. Chicken. Dinner.”;


Agatha of Brazil - Beach Volleyball Semi Final Victory [Source: Alex Ferro/Rio2016]
Agatha of Brazil – Beach Volleyball Semi Final Victory [Source: Alex Ferro/Rio2016]


Not to mention witnessing the magic of achieving said dream; would be preferable in this lifetime- rather than the next..

OK Let’s <break>hr</break> and talk about our goal for a minute here :


This year, in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, there are 311 different events athletes can compete and earn medals in. Historically the US (United States of America) has shown that we’d need to be winning approx. 105 – 110 total medals. ~We’ll shoot for 115, just in case.

**Quick Update Aug 23 -> US ended up winning 121 medals  -> re-evaluate goal to 130 total**

Looking at the total list of summer sports there’s two that stand out to me right away:


  • 32 swimming events / 899 athletes / 179 countries
  • **96 total possible medals


  • 47 athletics events / 2364 athletes / 200 countries  
  • **141 total possible medals

An interesting statistic we can note from this data is on average there are approximately:

1.7x more competitors per event in athletics vs swimming.

++ We could infer from this (at a macro level) that the probability for the athletes that qualify for swimming events have a higher chance of winning medals than those that qualify for the athletic events. (Lower % of Competitors = Higher % Chance of Winning per Competition)

++ Athletes that qualify for events and don’t win medals still incur the same costs of competing to our nation as ones that don’t.

(i.e. travel/food/entrance fee’s/lodging/uniforms etc.)

The US has won the most medals in the summer olympics since 1996

Rio 2016 – USA 100 – 35 Gold

London 2012 – USA 104 – 46 Gold

Beijing 2008 – USA 110 – 51 Gold

Athens 2004 – USA 101 – 35 Gold

Sydney 2000 – USA 94 – 37 Gold

Atlanta 1996 – USA 101 – 44 Gold

[Source: Olympic Medals per Capita]

Click to Visit Interactive Version - [Source: Washington Post]

The US has achieved a milestone of 1000 gold medals at the summer olympics from it’s inception in 1896.

244 Swimming (24.4% of total)

324 Track & Field (32.4% of total)

432 in Other Sports (43.2% of total)

56.8% of their total gold medals have been in swimming and track & field.


Olympic Aquatics Centre Rio 2016 - Final Night [Source: Tom Pettington/Getty Images]
Olympic Aquatics Centre Rio 2016 – Final Night [Source: Tom Pettington/Getty Images]


**Not to be confused with CD-ROM or computer RAM(Random Access Memory).

In order to start winning soon, and since our country is currently broke (partly due to the previous finance minister being an alcoholic.. his policy of casinos being ATM’s for public officials who need to laundry the taxers for pepsi.. wasn’t as lucrative as we’d have hoped), we’ll want to be as efficient as possible and focus our limited resources on developing athletes in select sports that offer more events(opportunities) per athlete to earn medals. Hopefully this will also help us reduce the costs of building additional training facilities.

What events should we focus on and why it’s swimming. 

Or is it track & field. No. Wait. Definitely both. Let’s start with swimming then, since Phelps is retiring and Usain Bolt is still grinding out Ws’.

#[The Life Aquatic] Why swimming is so attractive;

[Source: Michael Phelps Instagram]


Category well suited for dominant athletes to train and compete in multiple events (i.e. Michael Phelps & Jenny Thompson) Perfect.

Nathan Adrian, Ryan Murphy, Michael Phelps and Cody Miller [Source: Adam Petty/Getty Images]
Nathan Adrian, Ryan Murphy, Michael Phelps and Cody Miller [Source: Adam Petty/Getty Images]


Having strong close competitive rivals encourages to athletes push each other to get better and better, teammates help each other compete.  

This effect is compounded when people can compete in multiple events. Seeing one person be successful on a team teaches everybody on that team that winning is possible.

[Source: Michael Phelps Twitter]


Dominant athletes can dominate for much longer with proper coaching, safety and maintenance. Not as strenuous or destructive on the body given there are less uncontrollable variables as other events, such as rugby and sailing.


There are Existing and Successful Models that can be Implemented(Copied), from Buildings & Facilities to Setting up Local Swim Clubs, Swimming Programs, Athlete Development and even Expert Coaching.


High Upfront Capital Investment in Facilities that provides Long Term Residual Value.

Having a local pool can have long term health and therapeutical benefits for the surrounding community, and can translate into less strain on medical systems.


# local swim clubs & # olympic size swimming pools & # bath towels # cost of facilities # coaching # programs # cost of maintenance # easymoney

Fastest. Highest. Furthest.


who can jump the highest // who can run the fastest // who can throw the furthest // who can run while jumping the hyphest // and of course who is ninja

Washington Post

#[Track and Field] Why you can’t ignore athletics;

Thiago Braz of Brazil - Winning Gold in Pole Vaulting [Source: Paul Gilham/Getty Images]

If you can’t win in athletics, technically you’re not establishing any sort of national “Athletic” superiority. Even if you end up winning in accumulative overall medals from every other sporting event; at best you’d be nothing more than an organized eclectic group of polymaths. As you would be ignoring the entire premise behind olympic domination in the first place;


Usain Bolt of Jamaica - Winning Gold 100m [Source: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images ]

It’s a chance to determining relative strength and instill fear in rivals and nations without actually having to go to war.

Case in point, one of the first events in the olympics was who could run the fastest in armour. [source: Google Tips]


# athletics programs & # track and field teams vs # public schools # farming golds


Lisa Dahlkvist of Sweden - Semi Finals Victory vs Brazil [Source: Buda Mendes/Getty Images]
Lisa Dahlkvist of Sweden – Semi Finals Victory vs Brazil [Source: Buda Mendes/Getty Images]


Of course there are tons of outliers like tennis/rowing/beach volleyball and at times there will be breakthrough athletes/performances/teams in various sports/events and some years will be better than others.

This variance is a challenge that every country/program/competitor faces, we can even determine and assign a numeric value to it. However the key to overcoming this challenge, reducing risk, and maximizing success is to first establish a strong foundation. There is a compounding, top-down effect in all organizations, that highlight the importance of general structure, values, clear objectives, and planning.


Thanks. For the purpose of simplifying the discussion (sports analysis is practically it’s own science – i.e. sabremetrics), and as we are looking at determining a plan for sustainable successes over a long period of time, we’re ignore those outliers at the moment.

Instead we’re focusing on looking at the olympics objectively, from a macro perspective; as if it were a video game.

Shawnae Miller of the Bahamas - Winning Gold in 400m [Source: Rio 2016 Official Twitter]


The next step would be working with experts and consulting specialists in their respective fields to define a cohesive plan of attack. Understanding what may make an individual athlete or a team successful, and what makes an organization that consistently produces successful athletes and teams is paramount to maximizing any expected positive outcome.

Ok bigger question. Where do spend.

-> track & field (40%) // swimming (55%) // rowing (5%);

Inspired. Ready to take on the world. We’ve got you covered; here’s some juicy links to get you started on your way to stockpiling your very own olympic medal warehouse.

[What is a Swimming Pool?]

[USA Olympic Pool Building Guide]

[Training & Development Facilities]

[USA Swimming Team Master Coaching Videos]

[2016 USA Olympic Swim Team Carpool Karaoke] 

#whyishouldntdoblogposts #satire

++Top Banner Photo is Cate Campbell of Australia in the 100m Women’s Freestyle and was taken by Adam Petty/Getty Images. SPOILER! She Wins.++


Influencer Marketing: The most effective tool for your business

Most modern marketers are aware that the days of advertising through stagnant billboards are no longer. But only recently have the days of targeting audiences solely by location also become a thing of the past. Savvy marketers know it is better to target people by behaviour and persona. What does this mean? The advertising industry has grown from a one-sided conversation into a new kind of narrative–its most organic form yet; influencer marketing. 


Influencer marketing involves marketing a brand through a popular personality. This personality serves as a leader in their prospective industry. Paige Hathaway, for example, is considered to be one of the top influencers in the fitness industry. Leading supplement and athletic wear companies shower Hathaway in their products, and subsequently, people buy those exact products. Influencers are considered to be so because as well as talking the talk, they actually walk the walk. In other words, they are experts in their prospective industries. And because of this, consumers trust them and the brands they associate themselves with. 

How will you implement influencers into your marketing strategy? 

Influencer marketing operates through the work of key individuals aligning their values with your products. An influencer can do this through a social media post that either mentions your product in passing, or demonstrates their use of that product in their personal life. Another method might entail an influencer speaking on their expertise at an event you host.

To sum it up, influencer marketing is the grey territory between an official testimonial and a subtle product mention. 

Using real people as living billboards might seem daunting, but this method is surprisingly more cost-effective than paid advertising and leads to more credible brand recommendations, which 92% of consumers are more likely to trust.

The key is trust. From all sides. If you trust your influencer, who truly trusts your brand, your consumer will trust both parties. Furthermore, a brand-influencer relationship built on mutual benefit will ensure credibility as well as stability in the long run. As a brand marketer, a good question to ask is: How can we all help each other out? If, as a marketer, you can manage to establish natural relationships with experts in your industry, your brand’s growth will be limitless. 

Finally, to ensure you’re choosing the right influencers for your brand awarenessorganize influencers into lists that align with your target demographics. More than one influencer might be necessary to target all the angles of your target market(s). 

The future of influencer marketing, and why you should jump in

Influencer marketing is more than paying people with followers. This is a call for a new era of marketing beyond influence to improve the journeys for customers and stakeholders everywhere.

A great way to begin pairing your brand with lived-in lifestyles, on a budget, is an influencer marketing software like Neoreach or Tapinfluence. Because at the end of the customer journey, consumers want lifestyles behind their brands they can live in.


Rise of the machines

The First Automated Non-Human Factory

Recently China has unveiled a new factory that is full automated by machines.  Few humans actually work there and all task are completed by robots.  The new factory, located in Dongguan city has all its operations performed by robots.  The factory is owned by Changying Precision Technology Company and they are currently producing cell phone modules.  The work force went from 10 lines with 650 employees to just 60 and 60 robot arms.  The company has future place it increase the arms to 100 and reduce the people to 20.  This is a growing trend that has started in small part of the factory mega city but the trend can only grow from there.

Here is a link to the article in The Economic Times.

Now this is both a good and bad revolution.  Good in that general costs of having human employees are greatly reduced, and goods can be produced at faster rates and the factory can work be left working for 24/7 without having to change shifts or breaks.  The cost of human error is gone down significantly, as the article says, the defect rate has gone down by 20%.  Unlike humans who age and slow down the production line, the robots can work quickly and throughout the day.  It is bad because now the potential to employ actual humans is now gone.  This could affect the economy in a negative way since there isn’t any employment (of humans).

The wonderful Vlogger CGP Grey created a video discussing the abilities that computers have now and how they are starting to take over more of our jobs.

China may have been the first to implement a fully robotic factory, but the rest of the world is following suite.  An example would be Amazon, in one of the facilities they have around 2000 robots that help with the organization and moving of products.  In their facility, humans and computers work in tandem to increase productivity.

Of course this may be the natural progression of the industry.  As technology advances, it becomes cheaper and easier to buy and maintain.  Soon computers will become the norm in factories, and this could be a good thing as long as we can find a new niche that computers cannot perform optimally in and we humans that would have worked in the factories, can find work there.  As long as nothing is produced for or by Skynet we should be safe.